to city hall, all!

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2014/03/28

New York City Council, Committee on Waterfronts • Oversight hearing open to the public

Friday, March 28, 10 am, City Hall, Committee Room






resources to contact:

marine surveyor, Charlie Deroko
hydrographic surveyor, Bill Benson

sailing barge, Vermont Sail Project / historic ships coalition, Mary Hasbritt, founding director; with Maggie Flanagan / working harbor committee, John Doswell, executive director /community: Waterways Reskilling, Wellbeing Farm



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  1. mageb said, on 2014/03/28 at 09:15

    This is a great entry and great flyer. I hope you handed one to every committee member. Inspiring stuff. Nice finished drawings here, and great doodles on the previous entry. Boy are you a busy woman.

  2. Rigmor said, on 2014/03/28 at 11:15

    This work deserve to be spread out everywhere !!!!!! I certainly hope that the people in power will recognize your visions because your work is so important !!!!

  3. lngcoldfacts said, on 2014/04/01 at 17:37

    Will send an email to the contacts – even though I don’t live in NY, I’ve traveled her waterways and I do have an opinion! And I’ll include a link to this wonderful presentation. It presents the logical arguments in an attractive, compelling way that adds power and should gain everyone’s consideration. Great job!

  4. Christine Van Lenten said, on 2014/04/08 at 08:24

    Bravo for promoting this! Waterborne makes so much sense, duh.

    I relish your blog posts. Keep ’em comin’.


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