we love AIS

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monitoring2there! proof that I am not the only one monitoring ship traffic.

it is addictive.


fun with AIS

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Say It At Anchor

“You see? now if you had that damn thing on a lanyard, we wouldn’t have to do this.
What am I going to tell the office?”

“I’ll see you suckers on the one!”

Happy Hour

“Party in the Hamptons this weekend! Bring your grill!”

 *NOTE*: all unretouched screenshots (well, maybe the first one is tweaked a bit.)
Some names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Warship 21, out to sea

Farewell, USS New York!


0740h, ch13:  “Warship 21, Warship 21, changing speed to 10 knots, over.”

sailfish,ladyBbackground: USCGC Sailfish (WPB 87356), 87-foot Coastal Patrol Boat (WPB) – Marine Protector Class
foreground: Coast Guard Auxiliary boat Lady B, the former 82-foot U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC Point Brown (WPB-82362)


The USS New York makes calls after the Statue to tugs outside the KV, to the Staten Island Ferry, negotiating through another busy day :

mysterytug(definitely NOT to be used for navigation! this AIS program is off by many minutes and does not read the signal from some ships. Notice: none of the official vessels are showing. Then, you have captains at anchor who don’t turn to ‘at anchor’ mode but drift in ‘underway’ mode, which is nice, because you can see them draw circles as the tides go in and out:)

before 0800h: “CG Sailfish, this is Warship 21: speed change to two-one, two-one, over.” And they go…out to sea.