chemical pioneer & esso brussels

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Built: Bath Iron Works, ME
Launched: 1968
Length: 610 ft / 190 m
Beam: 76 ft / 23 m
Draft: 35 ft / 11 m
Crew: 40


Built: Kockum shipyard FH, Malmö, Sweden
Launched: 1959
Length: 699 ft 3 in / 213.12 m
Beam: 97 ft 3 in / 29.65 m
Height: 38 ft / 11.59 m
Propulsion: single screw
Speed: 17.25 knots
Crew: 52
Homeport: Antwerp, Belgium (1959-1973) ; Pieraeus, Greece (1973-1985)

On June 1, 1973, container ship Sea Witch experienced steering failure and collided with oil tanker Esso Brussels which resulted in a horrific fire in lower NYHarbor and great loss of life.
Fireboat Firefighter (built in Greenport!) responded, fighting the huge fire singlehandedly and rescuing 31 surviving crewmen.
Both ships were salvaged and rebuilt.
Tugster has recent photos of Chemical Pioneer in NYHarbor: during her final days, she made her last trip here.

In memory of all who perish, and gratitude to all who work at dangerous jobs, everywhere.

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  1. tugster said, on 2021/11/26 at 12:11

    Thx for posting this tribute, chere

    • bowsprite said, on 2021/11/26 at 12:17

      thank you for starting me on this road to ruin! xoxo

      • tugster said, on 2021/11/26 at 12:23

        But don’t you just love specials at the Ruin Cafe!!?

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  3. Richard Hudson said, on 2021/11/26 at 13:51

    Great art and interesting history. Glad you posted this.

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