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Happy Birthday, Tugster!

Tag! as per Tugster’s challenge: the 4th foto archive’s 4th sub folder’s 4th sub-subfolder’s 4th foto is this:


Taken 8 october 2004, it is the view to the east. The crane is at Houston Street and the Bowery.


The 4th folder was dedicated to the progress of the building in which the Chinatown Y and Wholefoods is.


Around this time, the famously infamous CBGB’s was about to close, and I was bemoaning its demise and the changing neighborhood. Lasia looked me straight in the eye and said, “Girlfriend, you will be the first one running to that Whole Foods!
She was right. Er–but I had to–Riverkeeper had an event there on opening night!


I’ve been lucky living with nice views!
Thank you, Tugster! and so, I now tag (old friends of 15 years or more):

Jacob, danish photojournalist
Poul, my old studiomate, photographer, illustrator and ukelele maker
Valerie, newly minted US citizen with thick Tuscan-Parisian accent in her work and words
& Jacqueline, fiery gypsy of Barcelona–buy a tiara from her!

AND! a tag to you, dear readers and photographers of the waterfront! Going Coastal is looking for waterfront photos. Drop them a line. Thanks!

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  1. Tagster! | tugster: a waterblog said, on 2016/11/28 at 12:00

    […] “blame” is the wrong word, but I’ll use it. She started it many years ago with this post on her blog, a project which I believe is “under re-powering and life extension,” to […]

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