ships making north river feel crowded

2008 New York Classic Week, sponsored by the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation, was a four day event of races with classic yachts and tallships.


The first race was the Round Governor’s Island Race, where boats may pass in either direction around Governor’s Island. It was scheduled for Thursday, October 2 — a most auspicious day, for it coincided with the return of the 912′ long air craft carrier Intrepid. (!!!)

Here is the course sheet. “…fired upon.” That does not appear often on a yacht race course sheet.



Alas, I did not have the marine radio on, but it must have been mayhem, with bells and whistles flying all about.



And, a few hours later, the racers return. Here, the When and If overtakes the Pride of Baltimore II. However, it was Blackwatch that won the race.

I just love New York Harbor!!!

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