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803Does the bow of Tromp look like a smiling shark?

I am not making it up:


Happy Birthday, Steamship Lilac!

lilacLHappy 76th Birthday, to the beautiful Steamship Lilac, a former USCG Lighthouse Tender! There will be a celebration on the Lilac on Sunday, May 24 from 5pm – 10pm. She is at the north side of Pier 40, the very west end of Houston Street. The ship is open Saturday for visitors. Here can be found more details. For beautiful photos, look here and here at Tugster’s catches. Gerry loves engines, and the love shows.

Happy birthday, Gerry Weinstein! other than pouring love, dough, sweat et cetera into the Lilac 1931, what other ships has he had a hand in rescuing or helping? Here is the list:

USS Olympia 1888, flagship of the Asiatic Squadron, at Philadelphia’s Independence Seaport Museum
1918, South Street Seaport, –scrapped
Catawissa, a steam tug, –scrapped
Tug Pegasus 1907, Jersey City,–in operation

Mary Whalen 1938, coastal oil tanker, –dynamic in Brooklyn
Hestia, 34′ wooden steam boat
Elizabeth, steam ferry — wrecked, of which the engine Gerry helped salvage

John W. Brown Liberty Ship 1942, Baltimore — still steaming! her sailing season begins on sunday.

There may very well be more ships. Thank you, Gerry, Thank you, Mary! and to all those who support beautiful historic vessels!

Tugboat Pegasus was seen towing the Lehigh Valley Barge No. 79, 1914 after the wakes of the warships dissipated. Together, they make the Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge, and now at pier 84 with readings, circus acts, shanties. More information at Going Coastal’s writeup of watery events.

Also seen floating about the harbor: the new schooner in town, Clipper City, docked at Pier 17. Much ado on the waterfront…

What would Henry Hudson blog?

Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all on land and at sea!

happy 70th birthday, Mary Whalen!

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Built in 1938, this lovely 172′ tanker once delivered fuel products up and down the Atlantic Coast. She’s in good condition, and there are some serious plans for her. Look here for more info:

And what does the Mary Whalen, the Lilac:

lilacland the Nantucket all have in common?

nantucketlAnswer: they have all been given homes at one point by the very generous CEO of American Stevedoring, the company that operates the Red Hook containerport. Paraphrased from Carolina Salguero of the Whalen: Few people know how much Sal Catucci has done to help historic vessels…he has provided free berth, electricity, loan of tools, a lot of free labor. The first vessel Sal generously provided a home for was the lightship Nantucket (now, a lighthouse museum) in about 2000. Next was the Steamship Lilac, before she moved to her present home on Pier 40. Whalen is the 3rd historic vessel to which he has given a free home. Thank you, Sal!