cup of joe

Posted in drunken sailor, navy by bowsprite on 2010/09/23

Army’s version: this comes from “a cup of (Jolt Of Energy) joe.” Or, it is a drink as common as the “GI Joe.”
Does G.I. stand for Ground Infantry? General Issue? Galvanized Iron? Government Issued!

Navy’s version: this comes from the secretary of the US Navy, Admiral Josephus ‘Joe’ Daniels who banned the serving of alcohol on ships in 1914, serving nothing stronger than coffee (although the phrase is known to predate his service.)
thanks, Joe! this’s joe’s for you

six degrees of freedom and the drunken sailor

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These are hard for anyone to remember; just follow the drunken sailors and sing along…

Heaving moving up and down (linear, along y-axis):

Swaying moving left and right (linear, along x-axis):

Surging moving forward and backward (linear, fore and aft):

Pitching tilting forward and backward (rotational, along y-axis about the center point):

Yawing turning left and right (rotational, change heading side to side):

Rolling tilting side to side (rotational, about horizontal fore and aft center line):

Long days at sea is the best place to engage in disciplined practices of body movement:

But do not start with this. It reads: “This version of the posture requires considerable strength in the neck, shoulders, and back, requiring years of practice to achieve. It should not be attempted without supervision.”

These experienced practitioners show us examples of forward pitch and backward pitch.
(Apologies: sources unknown)