we love AIS

Posted in AIS (automatic identification system) by bowsprite on 2012/12/30

monitoring2there! proof that I am not the only one monitoring ship traffic.

it is addictive.


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  1. Richard Hudson said, on 2012/12/30 at 00:26

    Those are very well-informed cats.

  2. bluebrightly said, on 2012/12/30 at 00:28

    Is there tuna on that ship?

  3. o docker said, on 2012/12/30 at 00:37

    Touchscreen or mousers?

  4. tugster said, on 2012/12/30 at 07:45

    they’re clearly following progress of MV Catnip bound for the Narrows, eta a week or so.

  5. tugster said, on 2012/12/30 at 07:50

    they might be interested in reading hellcat around the horn or follow the adventures of catniss everpreen in the Kibble Hunger Games

  6. Michael said, on 2012/12/30 at 09:25

    Inbound from Siam?

  7. walt said, on 2012/12/30 at 15:16

    They’re keeping tabbies on the important ship movements………

  8. mageb said, on 2012/12/30 at 22:22

    Oh, wonderful watchers. Hhehehe

  9. Short Girl (@short__girl) said, on 2013/01/01 at 12:03


  10. Ken said, on 2013/01/04 at 23:14

    “Do they still use cat o nine tails on these things?”

  11. Capt. Mike said, on 2013/02/05 at 10:56

    Now I’ve heard of a Dog Watch but, the Cat Watch is something new.

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