the only rule is work

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2014/03/26

 to be disciplined is to follow in a good way
to be self disciplined is to follow in a better way


consider everything an experiment


nothing is a mistake


there is no win
and there is no fail





there is only MAKE



don’t try to create and analyze at the same time
they are different processes

subbe happy when you can manage it




enjoy yourself



it is lighter than you think

junkdoodlethere will be new rules next week

sailboatdoodlefrom the Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules,
Sister Mary Corita

evidently, Rigmor is in town!

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  1. tugster said, on 2014/03/26 at 21:26 and

    doodling is to illustrator as first draft is to writer . . . or dry fitting is to assembler.

  2. Rembert said, on 2014/03/27 at 06:45

    Ca alors! L´elan vital! (I had difficulties with those horrible Akkksssongs or how they call themselves already in school and it didn´t become better with the years and the introduction of Word).

    Rigmor? Did she cross the atlantic in an attack of megalomania? Rather lightheaded in her age, I would say. She could carry her fate, to be Germany´s eldest ship, still able to sail the seas, with more modesty and dignity. But a good reason for a lot of hoopla. (Btw, she is also of danish origin ;).

  3. starbuck5250 said, on 2014/03/31 at 20:28

    I didn’t realise I needed this… until you made it.

  4. Fennarama (@fennarama) said, on 2014/04/04 at 17:48

    I absolutely love this post! These rules are fantastic.

  5. Bonnie K. Frogma said, on 2014/04/19 at 19:49


  6. Michael said, on 2014/07/01 at 14:37

    What an exceedingly nice page of posts! From the Memorial Day warships under flower, though the wet fish (someone’s been feeding the whales) and wonderfully the art rules (which you’ve edited…nicely!) Brava! Still, it is my duty to tell you that your paints are dry. Your markers are seemingly capped. Your pencils, your crayons…how do you say it in English…they are in their boxes! June silence! Quelle something or other.

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