dare! and tugboat race & contests

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2015/08/31

octopusBlueDarewell, thanks to Pecs for muscling me into drawing mode.

This Sunday! one of the rare chances to see crew inside those tugs come out! in the flesh—and a lot of flesh, at the tattoo contest (which I don’t see on this year’s line up…?)

23rd Great North River Tugboat Race & Competition

Sunday, 6 September 2015
10am -2pm
Pier 84:West 44th Street and Hudson River Park, NYC

10:00am Parade of Tugs from Pier 84 (w 44th st./hudson river park) to the
start line @ Pier I at w 70th st. in Riverside Park South

10:30am Race Starts (runs from Pier I to Pier 84)

11am Nose-to-nose pushing contests & Line-toss competition

Noon Amateur line-toss & Spinach-eating contests

1pm Awards Ceremony

2pm Tugs depart

more information at the Working Harbor Committee’s site.

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  1. tugster said, on 2015/08/31 at 20:06

    maybe it was yr dry sense of humor that prompted the long hiatus in posting? but why have you revealed my latest tattoo, so new it’s still humid…

  2. Rembert said, on 2015/09/02 at 03:02

    Hm, it won´t be done with a travel sickness tablet in this case. On the other side, minor mutations aren´t the exciter in 2015. And shouldn´t 8 arms, whirling over the sketchbook, lead to a totally new experience of artistic virtuosity? Keep calm and carry on.

  3. mageb said, on 2015/09/07 at 12:36

    I didn’t say anything….not me….not dry at all.
    Yes, that seems like so much fun.

  4. Michael said, on 2015/09/18 at 11:33

    I said it, I meant it, I’m here to represent it! More tentacles than brushes…j’accuse! (as I hide in an octopus cage.)

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