creatures of the deep

Creatures of the Deep: this one sank in the Cape Cod Canal, was raised in 4 days and went back to work, busy in NYHarbor.

This one sank in the Wicomico River, was raised after 3 years, came to NYC under her own power (at 4kts), and works hard as a restaurant/bar on pier 66.

And this one sinks and rises for a living, and did so in Lower Bay and left, carrying some of our tugs off, away to the East. Type in Blue Marlin or “Ground Hog Day” to see Tugster’s reportage of her ups and downs.

And this one laid in harbor mud, was salvaged, and now is the Waterfront Museum, the host of the Creatures of the Deep art show. Curated by Karen Gersch, the show is currently on view until August 22. The Artists’ Reception will be on July 22 at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Thank you, Tugster for sinking in the sinking/raising idea which gave rise to this post!

Happy July to all! see you in August!

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  1. tugster said, on 2011/07/06 at 03:52

    adding a layer here . . . the Waterfront Museum is housed in the 1914-built Lehigh Valley 79 barge, which itself is a creature that sank into the shallow if not deeeeeep depths; David Sharps tells a great story of removing a few hundred tons of Edgewater ooze from it, as it made its transformation from sunken object to floating waterfront museum-performance space-art gallery.

  2. mageb said, on 2011/07/06 at 10:49

    You know I followed every link to every link and was appalled by the shots of the Frying Pan sinking. What adventures these ships have and are having. Down I have to go find the Sharps post too. WOW!

    Best of all were the drawings at the end. Creatures of the deep indeed.

  3. billcanoe said, on 2011/07/06 at 22:29

    Creatures of the deep? By going underwater only ONCE? Bow you head and kneel before NYC’s true creature of the deep:

  4. Koops said, on 2011/07/07 at 01:16

    Beautiful art again. Your use of watercolour is sublime!

    PS My 8 year old son, Orion, has just made the following comment: “Dad, are you going on that website again? Cool. That’s my favourite blog.”

    So there you go. High praise indeed!


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  7. michael said, on 2011/08/18 at 15:14

    They’re all bobbers.

  8. Dave LeBlanc said, on 2011/08/28 at 14:21

    I found your blog via Paul Frontiero’s “good morning gloucester,” I lived in Gloucester for 14 years before moving to the wild west 20 years ago. Great artwork and great stories! thanks for taking the time to post.

  9. Andy Hall said, on 2011/08/28 at 23:07

    Blue Marlin brought back U.S.S. Cole from Yemen.

  10. Mage Bailey said, on 2011/08/29 at 18:36

    It’s nearing the end of August now, and I have to say I’ve missed you. I posted a small doodle for you yesterday….perhaps you will find it when you come back to us. Hugs…..Hope you are warm and dry.

  11. Michael said, on 2011/09/07 at 09:14

    It’s time to resurface from the deep! We are creatures of the sun and wind too. Out with the ink!

  12. tugster said, on 2011/09/07 at 09:59

    hey michael–i think bowsprite latched onto the proboscis of a submarine and has been doing some research down there. who can fathom what marvels she’ll return with? miracles of maritimus profundious might soon leave our eyes agape!

  13. boomerontario said, on 2011/09/20 at 23:13

    Just beautiful work!

  14. Michael said, on 2011/09/21 at 08:44

    It’s practically Christmas! We had a happy July, a hurricane in August, and September…well dance a jig for the equinox. Your paints are gonna go bad, maritumus profundious or no. Can any amount of compensatory avocado can sufficiently assuage?

    Will, what’s a guy to do? I guess if we want fresh ink we ought to squeeze a squid.

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