ink squeeze

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2011/09/30

Will, what’s a guy to do? I guess if we want fresh ink we ought to squeeze a squid.

The Puffin made me do it! the Puffin–and many of you, thank you!–made me open boxes to look for my ink.

I have moved. But, where to put the stuff? You don’t own things, I’ve learned; possessions possess YOU.
George Carlin’s got the lowdown on stuff.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to work to bring back our regularly scheduled program…
coming up next: shipspotting with Tugster! stay tuned!

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  1. Michael said, on 2011/09/30 at 18:49

    LOL! Love me some fresh ink!

    I hope you get settled in your new sea shell soon.

  2. eastriver said, on 2011/09/30 at 20:44

    Welcome back! We missed you.

  3. Paul F. Frontiero Jr. said, on 2011/10/01 at 17:05

    Good to see you back! looking forward to more.

  4. Colours « tugster: a waterblog said, on 2011/10/02 at 04:52

    […] speaking of colors from inks and pigments as multi-hued as nature up north, check this out from my favorite niche-leaping, river-crossing, shipshifting cliff-dweller . . .  and so much more. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  5. tugster said, on 2011/10/03 at 08:02

    Need ink?

    Do you suppose I’d squeeze the squid ? Muscle the mussels? Clamp the clams Kick the quahogs?
    Jiggle the jellies? Oil the oysters? Nah . . I’d pluck the alugbati or whack some walnuts? seriously . . . i love the dwgs and the renewed life on your blog.

  6. Buck said, on 2011/10/03 at 13:14

    I love that you live in a Royal Murex!

  7. o docker said, on 2011/10/05 at 10:56

    Well, thanks for this lesson in priorities.

    I guess in life you can have ink or calamari, but not both.

    And, you gotta eat.

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