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Hackensack River, Meadowlands, Pulaski Skyway, Kearny Generating Plant, NJ



highway1I’m not making this up! click here: this is the Pregerson Interchange in LA, CA, blowspittled.




— George Carlin (1972)

Greenport Tallships Festival 2015

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“For the love of french, add curlicue L and apostrophe,”  requests Tugster.
  “AIS shows her as lhermione,” he adds.
Got so into the curlicue kick that I did not get to finish the ships, alas:
I will be selling ship schwag at Blue Ruth 29 Front Street, 4 and 5 July.  It is so exciting to have the ships in town, and friends who sail, buzzing around. Sailors do tell the best stories, especially when imbibing happy-inducing libations.
I’m looking forward to people watching while keeping watch. Happy happy July, All!

Wavertree on the KVK

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Thank you to Bjoern and Erik of New York Media Boat and Tugster of the 6th Boro!
Hooray for the South St Seaport Museum and Wavertree.

Read Tugster’s recounting of the epic journey Part I here and Part II here. It was a beautiful ride through the harbor with the majestic Wavertree, with some of our friends onboard and some accompanying her along the way.

Thomas J. Brown pushes Wavertree towards Caddell’s Dry Dock & Repair. The poor, elegant Bayonne Bridge is the background, getting a roadbed lift.

And, as I started to draw, it began to rain…


International WorkBoat Show in NoLa

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Tugster and I, with other Rotten Apple harbor rats, will be attending the International WorkBoat Show this week, 3 – 5 December. Will you be around? drop a line!

Rendezvous with the Cap’t of the Crewboat Chronicles and WorkBoat Wear, first!  And then, I desperately want to go to the National WWII Museum.

But then, I will be the one wandering the aisles with these:

pokerlayout17mm Poker Tuck Box
  Hope to see you!


pretty lamb

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What’s a pretty lamb like you doing in a harbor like this? and headed light and high upriver to Albany?


Tugpower reported on Tugster that she stopped at Coeyman’s, NY, then to Norfolk, VA.

Pretty Lamb is now headed to Bizerte, Tunisia. It is a Pretty World–a pretty bustling, port-hopping world.


bad day at the anchorage

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for Tugster-punster

laissez les bons temps rouler!

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Tugster: “What’s wrong with us?”

indeed. Why are we here? why are we not back in New Orleans?! damn fools.


Two years ago, we went. We watched tugs and ships. We stalked shipyards. We ate beignets. I pulled a few strokes in the Mississippi, by Algiers (but did not put my head in the water. There IS a limit to a gal’s love.)

Sigh, it beckons still. Wishing we were there. Hello, there Friends!

And! should you not be one of the lucky ones with a tug to run to, there is an app to help you find a head: airpnp, where the savvy businessfolks even tell you that there is all day happy hour at Capedeville.

happy Binche, KarnevalFastnachtFaschingMartedí Grasso. Carne Vale, vaguely for “so long & goodbye to meat.” Goodbye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my-oh!…me gotta go pole the pirogue down the bayou…!


how to swim near a lock

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Really, don’t do it.


The Hudson beckoned, I obeyed. Swimming towards a dock near the lock (before the canal cruiseship had arrived), I realized I was making no headway. It was shallow, but I was not grounded, I know I wasn’t.

Guardian boatsmen, Mike Schmidt (of Allyson Ann, pictured below with blue cap) and Stuart Pate (Dragonfly) motored over: “The lock opened and we were swept away, we figured you’d be caught, too.” Completely nonplussed, and, completely nonjudgemental, as in, no “what the bleeeeeep is wrong with you?!”
Thank you, Mike and Stuart! and to their better halves, handing out goggles and moral support.

prop check of Mame Fayphoto: Tugster

“Oh, while in you’re in there, can you check my props? Make sure nothing’s bent?” said Capt Bill Curry of Eighth Sea.

It was scarier than I thought–yet nothing deeper than 3′. It was all metally, creepy crawly tendrils up the thighs, dark and cold. I heard a strange bubbling beneath me as if souls embedded in the bottom were murmuring. And dammit, I couldn’t find the props. Kept popping up for breath, then crawling further under Mame Fay. Finally found it, all four blades intact and not bent. Thus ends my marine surveyor gig. I don’t know how you gals and guys do it. And oil rig welders: ok–write me for a free blowspittle bottle opener.

So much thanks to our host, Fred, Capt CPO Bill, Mike Byrnes (CG, tug Urger), JED, Larry, Marie, and as always, Will! Look to Tugster and Dupee FB for photos. Beautiful, wonderful old tugs, convening at a great spot in a cool town, a warm community. We love these tugs — and the very special people who work on them–truly, words fail me.
xoxo c!

Working Harbor Committee Tug Race

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Tugster, Control Geek, (and others to come) all have great photos of the Tug Race.

My favorite thing about this event is that mariners and we mere mortals get to meet and mingle. It is a mix that is too brief. And, always, I think about the relief crew, in their berths, trying to sleep through all the mayhem so that they are alert for the nightshift. They are the ones who have to miss the race, the waterworks displays, the fluttering flags, the spinach eating contest, the line toss, the tattoo contest, the donkey with the PDF and glittery hooves…

When Debora Miller sashayed by with the donkey, Rene of Fireboat J.J. Harvey said, “Well, the dog and the crab just lost.” Indeed, Buddy won.

Before the race, tugs came to practice for the line toss contest:



deckertossMike Abegg practicing before the race. Capt: Aaron Singh



This building with the flag marks the “Finish Line.”


Control Geek mentioned the power of the tugs. The wake they all threw at the finish line was breathtaking.



pushing contest




Circle Line tug. Need a tug? go see Gus (Gus Markou, owner) Name of tug? SeaGus.
According to John McClusky, thank you!



I just missed the tattoo contest.


This is why Intrepid ‘grounded’ that November 6, 2006: the west slips of the piers along the lower Hudson silt in at a rate of 10-12″ a year.

Watch how the pro’s do it: results of the line toss contest to come.

We all have a lot of photos, I have profiles of tugs at check-in, before the race. Give a shout if you would like a photo of your tug.

And, that night, listening to vhf13, I heard Red Hook, back at work, moving and pushing as if she had never stopped to take a break and show us what she’s got.

stern sternwatch

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Tugster’s in Brazil!

And when I see a ship like this, I can only think:halfhaiyang

CoastLink Hamburg

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CoastLink. Thank you, David Cheslin. This post is for you.