snow shoes

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I love snow shoeing. It is liberating, meditative, calming.

Make your own snow shoes, lacing instructions here. During off-snow seasons, add beads or feathers, hang in window as a dreamcatcher.  (Here, traditional wins over new technology.)

Lash together an emergency pair:


Or, use old tennis racquets and bicycle inner tubing.
When not in use, use to strain pasta. (Remove rubber tubing.)

pastaserveJack Lemmon & Shirley Maclaine in The Apartment. He is really good with that racquet.

Snow shoes are amazing. I walked in deep Engadin snow, with and without.
Results from the testing department:

• without snow shoes (pink line) – choppy, exhausting, halting walk. I quit rather quickly.

• with snow shoes (green line) – off to S-Chanf!



And now, Jonas heads our way…
Be safe, be well, Everyone, post- and pre- storm. Lace up and happy wandering.

Meanwhile, at sea (seemingly less and less far away):

last week, Tropical storm Alex made landfall. a very rare January Atlantic hurricane.
For those at sea, hope you missed this.

building now: North Pacific Hurricane Force Storm. “…with winds forecast 50-70 knots and seas building to 14 meters (over 45 feet) between 35N-42N latitudes in the main shipping routes.” — Fred Pickhardt, Marine Meteorologist

sage tea

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This is from the sage of the Val Bregaglia, Dr. Hans Bänninger, whose recent recommendation for me I share with you:

Please, try to find garden sage (Salvia officinalis in Latin.) It is an herb you find usually in all traditional gardens. Even in wintertime the leaves have her oils. This is the right medical plant with the potential to help you.
Cut the leaves in small pieces. Infuse for 10 minutes. This will help your throat and take away inflammation and pain.

It is working–thank you so much, Dr. Bänninger!

Pack fresh sage in that sea bag! if you don’t need it for medicinal purposes, you can always roast potatoes or meat with it.