snow shoes

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I love snow shoeing. It is liberating, meditative, calming.

Make your own snow shoes, lacing instructions here. During off-snow seasons, add beads or feathers, hang in window as a dreamcatcher.  (Here, traditional wins over new technology.)

Lash together an emergency pair:


Or, use old tennis racquets and bicycle inner tubing.
When not in use, use to strain pasta. (Remove rubber tubing.)

pastaserveJack Lemmon & Shirley Maclaine in The Apartment. He is really good with that racquet.

Snow shoes are amazing. I walked in deep Engadin snow, with and without.
Results from the testing department:

• without snow shoes (pink line) – choppy, exhausting, halting walk. I quit rather quickly.

• with snow shoes (green line) – off to S-Chanf!



And now, Jonas heads our way…
Be safe, be well, Everyone, post- and pre- storm. Lace up and happy wandering.

Meanwhile, at sea (seemingly less and less far away):

last week, Tropical storm Alex made landfall. a very rare January Atlantic hurricane.
For those at sea, hope you missed this.

building now: North Pacific Hurricane Force Storm. “…with winds forecast 50-70 knots and seas building to 14 meters (over 45 feet) between 35N-42N latitudes in the main shipping routes.” — Fred Pickhardt, Marine Meteorologist