tomorrow 1pm: city council waterfronts committee hearing

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culled from PortSide’s new Bluespace news, created to distribute time-sensitive info about the NY-NJ waterfront:

Have problems with waterfront permitting in NYC? Have ideas on how to improve waterfront permitting in NYC?
Important chance to speak up this week
City Council Waterfronts Committee hearing
Wed 11/12/14 at 1:00PM
250 Broadway, 16th Floor Hearing Room
Re: One Stop Permitting for Waterfront ProjectsContact
Kris Sartori, Legislative Counsel
Tel:       212-788-9075
Fax:      212-788-9168
Email: Dear Maritime industry colleagues…We encourage the maritime industry in particular to speak up. The maritime sector is often “a silent industry” and does itself a disservice, in the words of Venetia Lannon, Regional Director, Region 2 of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), and formerly the head of the Maritime Department of NYC’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

If you cannot attend, send an email to Kris Sartori.  If you would like to participate more confidentially, you can send questions and comments to PortSide, and we will amalgamate info and send it along without your name attached.

Background on the hearing
From the committee hearing announcement:

“The hearing will examine the waterfront permitting process.  Permitting for waterfront projects can be a complex, time-consuming and unpredictable process, with approval required for many projects from various agencies such as DEP, DOB, DEC, the State Departments of State and General Services and even the Army Corps of Engineers.  Many in the advocacy community have called for a streamlining of the process and the creation of a “one stop” source where access and information about the permits would be available. The hearing would examine the City’s progress in addressing the issue as well as what the possibilities are for making the permitting process for waterfront projects more efficient and transparent.”

We spoke to Kris Sartori who says the following:

  • The focus is about construction permits, but we are open to getting comments about operating permits (docking)
  • This hearing is concurrent with an EDC RFP to create the Waterfront One Stop Permitting Resource Center.  The Council has been discussing the issues and wants to inform itself.


beautiful old rigging equipment and more…

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J. Cowhey & Sons hardware was a chandlery in Red Hook. Three containers of their old marine and rigging equipment will be on sale today, Sunday, at Atlantic Basin in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


The metal tools and equipment were in time capsules freshly opened. Foundries from towns I have never heard of made beautiful pieces. Some of the factories are gone, and some of the jobs these tools were used for are no more.

Steel Products Corporation, South Windham, ME:


The Caldwell Company, Rockford, IL: the Adjust-A-Leg Equalizing Sling


Boston & Lockport Block Company, Boston, NY  (I didn’t know there was a Boston, NY; did you?)



New England Butt Company, Providence, RI: a line counter that still works, clicking away as it measured 50 feet of beautiful old manila rope that a shopper, Ben P and I fed through it.


“What’s that called?”

“A Headache Ball.” ouch.  It reads: “Swiveler, SWL 3 TONS, WGT 35 LBS, Model SAS5”


Huge shackle, anyone?


130 ton–it can hold, or it weighs?


Huge oar not included:


A Skookum block:


I liked these: female and male container lifting gear lying over each other on a pallet.



These are made in Japan. From Marc: “Twist locks, used to stack and lock marine containers on top of one another.”


Rope through every link of a chain? “Elevator chain. Keeps the chain well-oiled,” said another shopper, Steve R, peering into the three barrels of the stuff.
Girlfriend With the Tanker says “The rope keeps it quiet! So it doesn’t klank as the elevator and chain go up and down.”


Voluptuous hooks, like Henry Moore sculptures, but sexier.






Beautiful, wonderful things. A gun rack from around the 1920’s. A perfect cast iron stove from Florim Foundry, Florim, PA. A Jacob’s Ladder. Hooks galore. Old wooden blocks. Go, admire, puzzle, wonder.
More information here.

PortSide NewYork Heavy Metal Sale:

Sun 7/27, 11am – 4pm
Atlantic Basin, Red Hook
Pier 11 loading dock, south end
Brooklyn, NY 11231 



happy july! happy city of water day!

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Happy summer everyone! this blog will be taking July off, back in August. Events abound on the 6th boro! MWA’s City of Water Day is July 24. Portside and many other organizations, along with our working flotilla of schooners, sloops, cruising vessels, ferries and water taxis will be out in force. If you have a happening on the water or waterfront this month, feel free to add it on…

Coastal Tanker Mary A. Whalen, 1938

Length: 172ft


Ocean Liner RMS Queen Mary 2 , 2003

Length: 1,132 ft (345 m)
Beam: 135 ft (41 m) waterline,
 147.5 ft (45.0 m) extreme (bridge wings)
Height: 236.2 ft (72.0 m) keel to funnel 
Draught: 33 ft (10.1 m)
Propulsion: Four 21.5 MW Rolls-Royce/Alstom “Mermaid” electric propulsion pods:
2 fixed and 2 azimuthing
Speed: 29.62 knots (54.86 km/h; 34.09 mph)[6]
Capacity: 3,056 passengers
Crew: 1,253 officers and crew