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There is much going on today, the City of Water Day. Click here to see the events scheduled area by area, including up the Hudson.


LILAC: Saturday, July 20, City of Water Day, 10am to 7pm **SPECIAL HOURS**
City of Water Day is a celebration of New York’s waterfronts sponsored by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance.
The tug PEGASUS and fireboat JOHN J. HARVEY will be offering free boat tours with the fireboat loading at LILAC.  The ship is open for tours and viewing the exhibit, Dead in August. Hudson River Park educators will be offering lessons in fishing from the pier from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and The River Project will  be pulling up traps and inviting visitors to see estuarine life up close in touch tanks on LILAC’s buoy deck in the afternoon.
The shop will be open on LILAC today.

The Waterfront Museum, Red Hook, Brooklyn: SLACKJAW celebrates New York City’s waters with a lively mix of traditional, new and original bluegrass songs, 1 – 5pm.  Admission free.

Happy City of Water Day, everyday.

happy july! happy city of water day!

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Happy summer everyone! this blog will be taking July off, back in August. Events abound on the 6th boro! MWA’s City of Water Day is July 24. Portside and many other organizations, along with our working flotilla of schooners, sloops, cruising vessels, ferries and water taxis will be out in force. If you have a happening on the water or waterfront this month, feel free to add it on…

Coastal Tanker Mary A. Whalen, 1938

Length: 172ft


Ocean Liner RMS Queen Mary 2 , 2003

Length: 1,132 ft (345 m)
Beam: 135 ft (41 m) waterline,
 147.5 ft (45.0 m) extreme (bridge wings)
Height: 236.2 ft (72.0 m) keel to funnel 
Draught: 33 ft (10.1 m)
Propulsion: Four 21.5 MW Rolls-Royce/Alstom “Mermaid” electric propulsion pods:
2 fixed and 2 azimuthing
Speed: 29.62 knots (54.86 km/h; 34.09 mph)[6]
Capacity: 3,056 passengers
Crew: 1,253 officers and crew