Kaffee Museum

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Cafè Badilatti is a coffee purveyor. In their building in Zuoz, sometimes the dreamy smell of coffee mingles with strains of live classical music. There is a cafe in the basement where there are performances, there is a lecture room upstairs, and my favorite: a lovely museum of beautiful old roasting and grinding implements.

I love their collection of old wrought iron and forged equipment.  From the most primitive hand hammered iron mills to impressive grand, large standing roasting machines from all over the world, you can travel through history: the Belle Epoque, the Roaring 20’s, the Deco 30’s, and WWI, the 1950’s, the swinging ’60s…

It is a marvel that through wartime, havoc, mayhem, social and political upheaval, people did sit down to brew a cup of coffee and imbibe.

kaffeemaschineDuring peak seasons, Café Badilatti offers lectures, as one of the Badilatti brothers is a scientist, a bird and plant specialist. For this month, a wonderful classical music trio of musicians from Hungary who play every weekday evening.  There is also a small cultural program.

A handmade zoetrope blends in with the roasting machines. You turn a crank, and coffee beans jitterbug, a Josephine Baker-like dancer shimmies over espresso cups, a coffee pot dances. I think this is their last season. I must go and inquire in my fractured German…

hello, Barista Uno, JED, Lee, my Kaffeeklatsch, and all coffee loving friends…!

stern sternwatch

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Tugster’s in Brazil!

And when I see a ship like this, I can only think:halfhaiyang