Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2014/12/18

The most cheery, Christmasy vessel appeared on the horizon this morning:


ho ho ho.
Twas a jolly way to start a grey morning.

Vehicles Carrier

Flag: United Kingdom (GB)
Home port: Southampton

Gross Tonnage: 61328
Deadweight: 22250 t
Length × Breadth: 199.99m × 33m
Year Built: 2009

Capacity Cars (RT43): 6,354
Hoistable Decks: 4
Maximum  RoRo dimensions:
Height: 5.20 m
    Width: 7.00 m
    Ramp Weight Capacity: 237 tons

anyone know the shipyard from whence this vessel came? am guessing somewhere Korea or China…