talk tomorrow, all welcome

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Ships of Commerce, War, Work & Pleasure

a presentation of NYHarbor doodles by Bowsprite

aboard Nantucket Lightship WLV-612

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
6 to 7pm

Pier 6 Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge Park


take the WaterTaxi ferry or the East River Ferry from Pier 11 across the East River to Pier 1
Brooklyn Bridge Park, walk south to Pier 6,
or, take the trains to the stations shown on the map and walk west to the park and the ship.

Of great note!


“Between 1941 and 1945, Liberty Ships were constructed in 18 U.S. shipyards.
John W. Brown is one of only two Liberty Ships that survive.

“She is docked at Pier 36 on the Lower East Side (299 South St.) and is open for tours and other events ending with a six-hour living history cruise on Sept. 18.
The John W. Brown was built in Baltimore. She was named for a well-known labor leader and launched on Labor Day, 1942.  Her maiden voyage was to New York City where she picked up Jeeps, trucks and ammunition to aid Russia under the Lend-Lease Act and took them to the Persian Gulf. She transported troops and cargo in support of the WWII effort until 1945…

“On both Saturdays the engines will be working at the pier as part of the tour.”

From DowntownPost. For more information:
“She’s been fully restored and is beautiful. I’ve never ever ever seen
such a clean engine room.”   –Schoonertrash Ros


how I learned to stop worrying…

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…and love internet searches. Are you in need of a good title for a talk or presentation?

I am! Next week, I am invited to speak on the Nantucket Lightship, WLV-612, on my New York Harbor Sketchbook drawings.

So, I did a search, and found this site:
They recommend a few sites for generating titles using your keywords, so, I tried them all.

I think this one wins for making me laugh the loudest:

• What Will Historic Ships Be Like In 100 Years?

how sublime. I could never make anything so perfect up!

The title was generated by the website, HubSpot, along with these:
• 7 Things About Historic Ships Your Boss Wants To Know
• How To Solve The Biggest Problems With New York Harbor
• 10 Signs You Should Invest In Historic Ships

(I know of too many people who would pelt me with rotten tomatoes if I used this last one.)

Here is a pedantic site for generating academic paper titles:

• Formulating Versatile Pathology: Artistic Guide To The Harbor in the Disenfranchised

• Politicizing Pessimistic Postmodernity: Exploring New York Harbors Historic Ships and the Savage

•  Exploring New York Harbors Historic Ships: Creating Narrow-Minded Desire and Affliction

• Intersection and Mythos: Suppressing the Savage New York Harbors Historic Ships, Pathologizing Amiable Perversion

This site is the perfect reason to skip college and run to sea.


This was the most amusing site: Portent’s Content Idea Generator

• How Drawing Boards Once Saved the World
• Why Do People Think New York Harbors are a Good Idea?
• How Artists View of the Harbors aren’t as Bad as You Think
• It Did What? 19 Secrets About Drawing Historic Ships
• What Mom Never Told You About A Once and Future Harbor
• What Experts Are Saying  About Doodles of Ships
• 9 Ways Drawing Historic Ships Could Leave You Needing a Lawyer
• Folk Remedies for Improving Drawing New York Harbor
• Drawing Historic Ships Taboos You Should Break

• The Unconventional Guide to Drawing Horsecock (had to try this military delicacy keyword once.)


Linkbait Title Generator is another rich source of merriment:


• 10 Ways Historic Ships Can Suck the Life Out of You
(others could speak with more authority on this than I)

• 10 Ways Historic Ships Can Help You Live to 100
(make up your mind!)

• 8 Things the Media Hasn’t Told You About Historic Ships
(and won’t)

• The Rise of Historic Ships and How to Make it Stop
(make rising seas stop. I’m on it.)

• 101 Unusual Uses of Historic Ships
(I’m not so creative to attempt a talk thus titled.)

• 10 Ways Marketers Are Making You Addicted To Historic Ships
(I’d pay good money to hear this one.)

• Guns Don’t Kill People — Drawing Historic Ships Kills People

• What the Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About Historic Ships

• Why You Should Forget Everything You Learned About Historic Ships
(you mean in school? a non-issue)

• Why Historic Ships Are Destroying America

• Historic Ships Die Every Minute You Don’t Read This Article

A few more straggling suggestions:

• Do You Make These Common Historic Ship Acquiring Mistakes?
• Drawing Historic Ships By the Numbers
• How Drawing New York Harbor is the New Drawing New York Harbor


well! they are all winners. How DO I pick? which do you like?
(Winning Title To Come):
a presentation of NYHarbor doodles over the years,

Old wooden Lehigh Valley Barge #79 & the Tugboat Pegasus

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Come to the fundraising event tonight at the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, 5 – 8pm! Two old wooden classics that are as busy as any other working harbor vessel are open to the public!

The Lehigh Valley Barge #79 (1914)  is the last of its kind: a wooden covered barge which used to transport anthracite coal in our harbor. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and under the direction of David Sharps, it is now the Waterfront Museum, and presents readings, concerts, circus acts, and currently, a painting exhibition.

The tugboat Pegasus (1907) was built for the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, by the Skinner Shipbuilding Yard of Baltimore, Maryland. She is still working, under the command of Capt. Pamela Hepburn. Together, they present the:

Tug & Barge Tour:
August 26 – September 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6
September 2 – 6 at Hudson River Park’s Pier 84 (42nd St.)

Park leadership has generously provided the docking facilities to accomodate visiting vessels and the Tug and Barge are thrilled to be the first of (hopefully) many historic martime vessels to dock at the renovated pier! On Tuesday evening, be sure to stop by for our community fundraiser and meet some locals who are engaged with the renewed shorelines of Brooklyn and beyond.

Tuesday, August 31 Community Fundraiser 5 – 8 pm
$35 refreshments & entertainment reservations recommended

behold and be stirred: Tugster‘s photos of the sail while underway…