brews for flus

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Tuned in to VHF this morning for anything I could pick up on the clean up of the KVK oil spill or the Seastreak accident. Heard nothing about both.

But I did catch this on VHF13:

A NYHarbor tug which moves oil called out to a cruise ship, tied up at pier 88. The cruise ship responds. (Yes, I know the names; No, not naming.)

Tug: “Yeah, we’ve been here for 40mins, and not a hatch has opened.”
Cruise ship: “Oh…oh. Stand by, please, stand by.”  A few minutes go by.  “Yes, someone has gone to open the hatches, now.”


What do you say to the nice tankerman who’s been waiting on the barge for you?


sorry: posting while under the influence of flu. This is the first year I get a flu shot and BAM! hit by da bug. Hard.
To my aid came this from an old salt and top first aid administrator:

Old seamans recipe for a grog:

take a mug
fill it half with HOT water
add sugar, or honey and some citron
add half whiskey, or brandy
drink as hot as possible
take 2 paracetamol (we call it acetaminophen)

Now you have to hurry to make it to your bed, because you will probably faint. You will sweat all night. Next morning you will be still ramshackle, but are going to be ok.

This is the brew I used, killer-effective:zenzero

• 2 cups of water,

•12 to 20 thick slices of ginger,

• 3 to 4 teaspoons of brown sugar (not white)

Boil together for a good long while, until a quarter or a third of the water boils off.

Drink as hot as you can handle. It will feel like lava, but not due to temperature, but the ginger’s power.

Go to bed immediately. Sweat sear your bugs out. Wake up and thank the Goddesses you survived the brew.

*** galley version: 3 cups water, 1.5 tablespoon powdered ginger, 2 tablespoons brown sugar; boil 20 mins.
(*not white sugar. Only brown sugar.)

A tip from King Neptune:
Pickle juice.
More electrolytes than Gatorade. Just water it down to dilute all the salt.

Avoid coffee, tea and lemon: these are diruretic, which makes you move water out. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Stay healthy! Best to you if you were on the ferry this morning, under the bug, or otherwise not feeling A-1.