Happy Veteran’s Day! In honor of our seafaring veterans, I’ve got a real treat. I stumbled acrossBowsprite’s booth at last year’s National Stationery Show and was immediately enchanted with the sea-kissed line.

Artist Christina Sun carefully and lovingly illustrates ships and seaworthy elements. “I’ve worked on little harbor work boats to busy passenger vessels to huge party cruisers, and it is the camaraderie of crew and the marine community that I love,” she explained. “Sea stories are the best — whether they are true or not.”

First up is this engaging and artful array of nautical tattoos, available as a tea towel printed on Irish linen. Each tattoo has its own meaning — “Hold Fast” across the hands was meant to give a sailor good grip in the rigging, while an anchor tattoo signifies that a sailor had crossed the Atlantic, or is a Merchant Marine. $20.


Christina also renders the ships found in New York Harbor, and these are available as tea towels as well, $20. “I love to draw outdoors, by the ship, (rather) than from photographs. Mariners tend to be quite proud of their vessels while they are working on one. Ships are beautiful, from noble traditional sailing vessels to little workboats or ferries.”

Miss January is the hydrographic survey vessel Michele Jeanne — also Christina’s first deckhand job! July meanwhile is the Staten Island Ferry John F. Kennedy, 1965.


There are lots of maritime treats to be found in Christina’s Etsy shop, so check it out! It is so easy to get lost in her lovingly rendered visions of the sea-salty life.


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Are you a Vet? do you know someone who is? write me for a Veteran’s special on items in my shop. If you have served at sea, drop me a line: what vessel? where were you? what would you like to tell about your time in service?

Thank you!


Nautical tattoos posted upon by Owen James Burke of the Scuttlefish!