plein air at Soundview, Greenport, NY

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Every Wednesday from 16h to 19h, Amy Worth of the South Street Gallery in Greenport holds a plein air painting class at the Soundview. Yesterday was the first time I joined them, and we were lucky to have guest artist Duane Keiser demonstrating and critiquing.

Duane began a small oil painting; it was wonderful to see the view bloom and unfold on his small linen on wood canvas. The sky changed, the shadows over the water, sand and trees changed, and Duane’s painting was a record of the hour he painted. The last to appear under his brush were the few bathers in the water. It was a lovely painting. And then, it was out turn…

But, it was terribly muggy and hot. Some of us went into the water first and had to paint in salty damp swimwear (very worth it!) Some watched the demo and then packed up and left. And some sat in the sun and painted, roasting nicely. My oil sticks melted.


Duane went around and commented. My rocks that were silhouetted in the view seemed dark brown, but he pointed out that they were not: they had sun and movement, and he suggested color to bring in the vibration.   Mine is more an illustration than a painting. He used oil, and said to paint the big blocks of color first, “Once people start to draw people and umbrellas and houses, the painting stops and the drawing begins.”  So, I tried to put down blocks of color, and will keep on trying.


If you are a rock, I can do your portrait, in an interpretative way. Sorry, I cannot do people, yet.


Greenport Tallships Festival 2015

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“For the love of french, add curlicue L and apostrophe,”  requests Tugster.
  “AIS shows her as lhermione,” he adds.
Got so into the curlicue kick that I did not get to finish the ships, alas:
I will be selling ship schwag at Blue Ruth 29 Front Street, 4 and 5 July.  It is so exciting to have the ships in town, and friends who sail, buzzing around. Sailors do tell the best stories, especially when imbibing happy-inducing libations.
I’m looking forward to people watching while keeping watch. Happy happy July, All!

Brews, Blues & BBQ! today and tomorrow at the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company

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Come on down to the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company‘s American Bierhalle in Peconic, (not the Greenport location) Long Island, NY.

From today 11am until tomorrow, Sunday 5 pm (perhaps with a hiatus to rest during the wee hours), there will be BBQ competitions, music, tastings.

Meanwhile, back at their original brewery in Greenport, a beautiful art exhibit is up at the same where I had my show last year.

The artist is Scott Bluedorn, his work is very beautiful. He was commissioned to do the artwork for the labels for the bottled beers which just came out last month, the show is titled “Message On A Bottle.”

Read the story of the artwork for The Black Duck Porter, named after a famous rum-running boat. In fact, all the labels have great stories, as reported here and here by N. Krommydas of NextStop magazine.


It was very fun to do this poster with Ann Vandenburg. We are both Woodstock stock:


Maybe see you there!

art show at greenport harbor brewing company, this saturday

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Hello, dear Friends!

You are cordially invited to my first solo show which will open this saturday at the very cool Greenport Harbor Brewing Company!

It is in a lovely harbor village on the North Fork of Long Island.


“Working Girls of New York Harbor: A Sketchbook of Tugs, Dredges and Ships”
Greenport Harbor Brewing Company
opening reception – saturday, 22 march, 7:30 – 9:30pm
exhibit runs through 31 May

 Greenport Harbor Brewing Company was founded in 2008 by Rich Vandenburgh and John Liegey. The beer is wonderful. The brewery is on the ground floor, upstairs is the gallery and tasting room.

This 1896 carriage house was  the Star Hose Fire House for many years. Sometimes barrels of leftover grains sit outside the building, covered with myriad happy sparrows.
I met Ann Vandenburgh, who runs the gallery at the Brewery, with Rich and John at the Greenport Maritime Festival when we had booths next to each other; I was selling art, they were selling beer. The long lines were for the beer, but I was happy for the company. And Ann offered me this show back in September.

Our neighbor on the other side of our booths was WPKN, a non-commercial, non-profit, all volunteer community independent radio. Starting to broadcast in 1963, PKN (Purple Knights Network) was named for the sports team back when the University of Bridgeport had a sports team. And when the University existed. Neither do today; all that remains is this fiercely eclectic radio station. Thank you, Kevin and Dave for the shout-out for the show from your station.

Thanks, Ann, GHBC, and All! maybe see some of you out here east, sometime. It’s a lively, lovey village, and a deep water port!



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New: BuoyantSea swim. Thank you, Rya, for the beautiful website! I love it!

Classes begin Monday, 31 July at Fifth Street Beach in Greenport, NY. This schedule will be good until 30 September (or unless something changes.)


See you on the beach…and in the water!

east marion post office war memorial

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emarionpostofficeIn March of 1946, several war veterans living in East Marion wanted a memorial to honor the memory of their fallen neighbors.

They decided to create the only War Memorial Post Office in the United States.

A piece of land was purchased in April (for $1500), they went from door to door to raise the funds to erect a building, and after a year, many volunteer hours and $7000 later, a memorial building was built.

There is a metal plaque for veterans of “the World War,” 1917 – 1919.

Another for WWII, 1941 – 1945 (with Merchant Marines listed as well.)

Another reads: “In honor of the citizen of East Marion who served their country in the Korean War, June 27, 1950 – Jan 31, 1955…and in the Viet-Nam War, Aug. 5, 1964 – May 7, 1975…”

In May of 1999, Congress officially recognized and re-dedicated this little post office to war veterans.

The room is small. Antique mail boxes cover two whole walls. Here is my mailbox:box52mailbox

I have moved from NYHarbor, and now live in East Marion, the North Fork of Long Island, NY.

I bike to Greenport and Orient for boats and ferries. I can swim in the Sound (water temperature 60°F / 15.5°c now, a bit warmer in the bay.) And I pick up my mail from the East Marion Post Office War Memorial.


On a framed official document from the Senate is this poignant line:

“WHEREAS, When the plaque was placed inside the Post Office, and when the dedication took place 50 years ago, no one could imagine another plaque being placed beside it for the East Marion men and women who would fight in Korea and then in Vietnam; we can only hope that we do not have to create another plaque to place beside them;…”

Janis and Jimi might agree.

where to find cool tshirts

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This Saturday & Sunday (Sept 20-21), I will be peddling my wares at the Greenport Maritime Festival on the North Fork of Long Island.

Ships stationery, prints, paper signal flags, signal flag playing cards, Irish linen tea towels, ship buttons etc. will make their usual appearances.

Tshirts: grey with pink and orange type OR forest green with sky blue and bright green type. They will be available on my etsy shop next week. All printed in NY (except the playing cards.)


Can’t wait ’til next week for a cool tshirt? My favorites: Meow Man and Workboat Wear.

Workboat Wear is the very cool site of a captain working on a boat in the Gulf of Mexicowith contributions,  …hijacked by… with contributions by the endless, inexhaustible talent of Fist o’ Fury Monkeyfist of Adventures of the Blackgang. A few bowsprite doodles have appeared on some of the Capt’s designs. meowtshirtFluffyBigBoats


Meow Man, is indescribable. Unique. Meow Man is.

marion m.

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Marion M. (1932)

Material: Wood hull
Length: 60.6 ft.
Breadth: 22.5 ft.
Gross Tonnage: 41
Depth of Hold: 5.4 ft.

Lovely Greenport, L.I. wooden freighter which carried oysters, potatoes, lumber, cordwood, and stones for jetty construction. She plied the Sound, making trips from as far as Massachusetts to Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Known also as “chandlery lighters,” these versatile little boats carried supplies and drums of fuel to ships lying at anchor in the harbor. She had simple hoisting gear, an A frame cargo mast. You can see her, floating at pier 16, on the east river.