hello, there, you at sea!

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2020/11/20
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  1. tugster said, on 2020/11/20 at 19:32

    all good, but how about we whose feet are on land?

  2. bluebrightly said, on 2020/11/20 at 20:40

    I love your style. This is so cheerful and engaging. 🙂

  3. c.o. moed said, on 2020/11/20 at 21:00

    oh so wonderful to see your beautiful work

  4. Richard Hudson said, on 2020/11/21 at 07:23

    From a cold, windy, but snug anchorage in the south of Newfoundland, thank you! The image of the stars, the waves, and the boat all by itself is lovely.

  5. Paul said, on 2020/11/21 at 07:47

    Beautiful as usual Ms Chistina!! I am waiting for news to ship out … which may put me on a boat for Christmas. That is depressing but your art will keep me happy;-)

  6. Rembert said, on 2020/11/22 at 15:16

    At least the most beautiful way, to keep a stiff upper lip.

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