favorite recipe for asian carp

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2019/06/27


  1. using a cleaned asian carp,  dredge both sides of a not-wet fish with a mixture of flour, salt, pepper, paprika,
  2. heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat,
  3. fry smashed garlic, ginger, scallions, a touch of soy sauce, (optional: a bit of black bean sauce) and let sizzle in the heating oil,
  4. place floured fish into sizzling oil and let one side cook,
  5. turn fish over, add a splash of white wine or sherry and a squeeze of lemon. Cook the other side. Then:
  6. throw away the fish and eat the skillet.


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  1. bowsprite said, on 2019/06/28 at 05:19

    Thank you Capt D. Porter for his emu recipe; emu are common in central New South Wales where he lived:

    “Put emu haunch in a large pot with a stone. Cook until the stone is tender, then eat the stone and throw the haunch away, because it will still be tough.”

  2. Paul Drouin said, on 2019/06/28 at 06:18

    hi hi…I was intrigued to the end, then laughed!!

  3. ws said, on 2019/06/28 at 09:26

    Saddle river, NJ: I love watching carp swim, they’re huge, and move with stealth. I never thought of eating them..
    People used to catch them, Obviously, a waste..
    They’re like mocking birds, and shouldn’t be harmed..
    Once in awhile you’ll see a Koi, also a carp from a flooded pond next to the Saddle river..

  4. Marc said, on 2019/06/28 at 14:15


    Could you do me a favour ?
    And draw some beautiful koi carps ?

    I am a bit sad, i had these beautiful garden pond,
    where i sat in the morning, eating breakfast, feeding the koi.
    One morning i found them all dead.


  5. bluebrightly said, on 2019/06/28 at 20:26

    Craziness! I hope all is well with you over on that other coast….

  6. Richard Hudson said, on 2019/06/28 at 20:36

    Here I was, thinking, wow, I’m going to learn how to cook carp!
    The ending was great.

  7. Rembert said, on 2019/06/29 at 16:36

    As far as I am concerned, I don´t feel seduced, to push away the Fugu – ragout.

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