shell junks

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  1. tugster said, on 2017/04/16 at 13:09

    let me see . . . shell schooners next?

  2. Richard Hudson said, on 2017/04/16 at 14:18

    Very cool! I especially like the one with the eye looking out for where it is going.
    And yes, I’d like to see shell schooners 🙂

  3. eastriver said, on 2017/04/16 at 14:20

    Wanna see a shell full-rigged ship…

  4. bluebrightly said, on 2017/04/16 at 16:14

    🙂 Happy stuff, and well done!

  5. Rembert said, on 2017/04/18 at 05:06

    With unarmed eye, I took this little fleet for a wild bunch of snails. Sigh. But – is the etymological relationship pure coincidence? Was the idea of the sail born in an english vineyard?? Did the Easter days endow me with a groundbreaking scientific finding???
    I will discuss that in more specialized marine-historical journals. This is the place for art and there is only to observe, that the more casual, the more difficult.

  6. Bill Whalen said, on 2017/04/21 at 17:29

    With rings on her fingers, and bells on her toes,
    she searches for found art where ever she goes.
    Ah, there on the seashore: a junk piece of scallop —
    is easily turned to a sacoleva rigged shallop.

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