stargazy pie

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2016/12/24

Stargazy pie has a great name and history.pie
Enjoy this essay entitled Forgotten Fish by Mary Sue Milliken. Menhaden pie, anyone?

I will be making this recipe, courtesy of Saveur magazine. If you do, too, let us know how it comes out!


Get up, get dressed, go out in this rig to catch the fishies for the pie…


from Food of England (1954), by Dorothy Hartley, social historian, illustrator and author.

Merry Christmas, happy rejoicing-event of your choice!

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  1. Capt Jill said, on 2016/12/24 at 16:10

    If I still enjoyed eating seafood (after having no other choices for months on end), I might try something like that. 😉

  2. bluebrightly said, on 2016/12/24 at 16:17

    Hope you will sketch before eating! Happy happy to you!

  3. tugster said, on 2016/12/24 at 17:37

    merrily merry to you. And thanks for remembering Dec 25; I celebrate the birthdays of Isaac Newton and Robert Ripley . . .

  4. Paul said, on 2016/12/25 at 08:53

    As usual, informative and delicious 🙂
    Joyeaux noël Christina !!

    Hope to see you soon up here in Santa’s workshop.

  5. Rembert said, on 2016/12/27 at 07:26

    No english readers here? Ok, so I may talk frankly:

    We love quirks (if they are of british origin). And especially those, which are long forgotten in their origin country. Half of Germanys population (and 47 % of Switzerlands, Wikipedia tells me) is watching TV on 31.12.. Each year at the same time. And each year the same english sketch from the 1920´s or 50´s. German TV has broadcasted these 18 minutes in 1963 first. And between that date and 2003 alone you had 263 chances to meet “Dinner for one” on the television screen. Not, that you can still find something surprising in the one-act play with the fatal quotation “Same procedure as every year, James”. We just feel obliged, to embrace the british sense of humor.
    Please remove this post. I feel it, that in less than a decade half of Germany will be busy with baking sculptures, where dead fish look accusingly out of terracotta or pastry (not a great difference, as the latter would be made after an english recipe). An easy to handle and never to be cleaned again frame will be the christmas bestseller in 2020 (2021, 2022…). Young vegan-living entrepreneurs from Berlin will create V-effects with deer (horns & nasty parts: J´accuse) and vegetables (world needs a new utopia). And it would be “Same procedure as every year, Bowsprite”.

    There is enough misery in this world. And we have a responsibility to future generations!

  6. mageb said, on 2017/01/04 at 18:37

    And too, the Menhaden was also a WWI submarine that had a long life. Launched in Manitowoc, where part of my family is from, my cousin served on her in the fifties. LOL

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