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newmoonsOn the beach today, I found a pretty piece of Northern Quahog shell (Mercenaria mercenaria) with a ring of suction marks from Eastern White Slipper shells (Crepidula plans). It looked like a sky with new moons…

The native people here named the Full Moons, but they did not name the New Moons. So, I suggest the following:
Crimson Clover Moon
crimsonAs theoretically, the last frost is over, even though one still freezes one’s derrière off, the peepers optimistically begin their nocturnal calls, the earthworms churn the softening ground, and the crimson clover seeds have been sown. Make use of the rains as water costs and rain is free. The more crimson clover, the less lawn to mow, weed and water. A no-brainer.


Whitefish Moon
sturgeonAlso known as Coney Island Whitefish Moon. While on the topic of Coney Island Whitefish, please dispose of condoms properly. Do not fling them into the water! Hello—I’m talking to YOU. I’m delighted you are using protection, but please put it into the trash where it can wash into the waters through official channels.


Margarita Moon
margarita.jpgInsert-Libation-Of-Your-Choice-Here Moon. Fire up the grill, swirl around in your sun dress, imbibe and howl at this new moon. Don’t drink and drive: jump into the bay instead.



Vinegar Moon
vinegarAs jellyfish fill the bay, and bathers get stung, the smell of first-aid vinegar laces the sweet soft briny zephyrs. As the Natives know: when the jellyfish are in the bay, they are not in the Sound. When they clog up in the Sound, you’re safe in the bay. And in both, the fertilizer run-offs will give you ear infections. Do not use vinegar in ear.


Antler Dropping Moon
antlerLyme Tick Dropping Moon was too depressing to name this beautiful new moon. Deer may run amok and feed the ticks, but it is the white-footed mice which are the key hosts of the virus which go into the ticks. So don’t get guinea hens, get a fox. Add some wolves, coyotes and bears, too.


Image department correction! our editor/poofweeder/researcher and image source/archivist has once again caught lunar errors. The below image is of full moons:fullmoons


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  1. tugster said, on 2016/05/09 at 06:29

    Thanks much for yr graphic, selenographic study of the new moons a la contemporary North Fork folklore. These lunar events are hard to count because they are absences and therefore invisible. Might further observations of the unseeable come up with additional annual selenographs? And might yr instruments need color calibration?

    • bowsprite said, on 2016/05/10 at 08:43

      I saw and counted them perfectly from my sketching spot 8 miles high! but yes, from Planet Earth, corrected colors have been applied!

  2. Michael said, on 2016/05/09 at 09:01

    You should have some nice moons. Like Kissing Moon. Big Fish moon. Crimson and clover, over and over…

  3. Rembert said, on 2016/05/09 at 10:48

    No vinegar in the ear. The right tip for monday.

    Next post should be more focused on “Wonnemonat” (= very merry month). Ok, in Rhineland we have that habit of starting it with a mass-murder of young birch trees. But – in the name of love!

    As a proof of never-ending passion young ladies find these oversized brushes in front of their house on the first morning of May.

  4. O Docker said, on 2016/05/17 at 00:55

    I believe your corrected image still contains editorial inaccuracies.

    Were these full moons, we wouldn’t be looking at faces. Cheeks perhaps, but not faces.

  5. mageb said, on 2016/05/22 at 12:25

    What a piece of magic you offer us. Thanks so much.

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