does anybody else in here feel the way I do?

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2016/02/09

“Does anybody here remember Vera K?”


Ship Builder: Main Iron Works, Houma, LA
Year: 1967
Length: 68.8 ft / 21m
Hull Depth: 6.2 ft / 1.9m
Hull Breadth: 22.2 ft / 6.8m
Hailing Port: NEW YORK, NY

Vera K is now Bobbie AnnVera Lynn is still active!  Tough gals, the two Veras.


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  1. Tillerman said, on 2016/02/09 at 19:20

    • bowsprite said, on 2016/02/09 at 19:26

      She is amazing.
      I cannot believe, hearing her music, that she has outlived the Ramones, Bowie, John Lennon…well, anyway.
      Long live Vera Lynn! And the Kinks!

  2. Tillerman said, on 2016/02/09 at 19:26

    My parents – two of the Greatest Generation – often spoke of how Vera Lynn and her songs inspired them and their contemporaries in England in WW2. Sadly, both my Mum and Dad are no longer with us but I am so glad to discover that Vera Lynn is still living.

    • bowsprite said, on 2016/02/10 at 09:19

      Thank you, Tillermeister, for picking a Vera Lynn song! I’m just listening to her, again.

  3. JP said, on 2016/02/10 at 03:03

    I heard Vera Lynn sing live at the 50th anniversary of D-Day outside Buckingham Palace – might have been her last public performance. Goosebumps all over. What a gal!!!

    • bowsprite said, on 2016/02/10 at 09:17

      You were there! Oh my! I only just read that she had such a concert, and wish I had known! I would have loved to be there, see her, hear her sing, and then visit my favorite museum, the Imperial War Museum. I wonder how they commemorated the event. Their art collection is a strong testimony of the inhumanity of war.

  4. tugster said, on 2016/02/10 at 10:33

    Wow! and Thx. I’d never heard of Vera Lynn. But FWIW, here’s the story of Vera K before she was Vera K:

  5. tugster said, on 2016/02/10 at 10:36

    (sent too soon) and VL’s still alive at 98! I’ll bet my mother knew of her.

  6. JP said, on 2016/02/10 at 10:37

    The White Cliffs of Dover was sung by some of the cast during the production of “Goodnight Mr Tom” which is currently on at the West End and then going on UK tour: I don’t know if its going to transfer to Broadway. It was during a scene in a bomb shelter during the Blitz and I’m guessing there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Lots of sniffs and rustling of tissues!

    I might see if I can unearth a photo of that concert but given it was 20 years ago (!) not sure what the quality will be like.

  7. bluebrightly said, on 2016/02/10 at 12:42

    I’m not familiar with the person, or the tug. Thanks for this interesting trip! I have to add, that’s a beautiful rendering you did. I like the warm color palette, the bits of text, the outlining.

  8. mageb said, on 2016/02/13 at 17:02

    Boy, this entry has everything from tugs, to sentimentality to heroics. So glad you are still with us. 🙂

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