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Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2016/01/16


Hackensack River, Meadowlands, Pulaski Skyway, Kearny Generating Plant, NJ



highway1I’m not making this up! click here: this is the Pregerson Interchange in LA, CA, blowspittled.




— George Carlin (1972)

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  1. tugster said, on 2016/01/16 at 20:12

    by george, say it aint so . . . bleak. and bowsprite . . . say, i love the dwgs!

    • bowsprite said, on 2016/01/16 at 20:15

      Thank you for the Joisey tip! The Meadowlands is still beautiful. Looking forward to the Riverkeeper SUP trip there with you! will we make it back to shore before the boards disintegrate? exciting!

  2. o docker said, on 2016/01/16 at 22:13

    Too long in Gotham’s smoky canyons? My Jersey sparkles if given a chance, in parts not bordering on the boroughs.

    Her beautiful, un-scrapered skies,
    Her pinelands’ salty grains,
    Her water gapped solemnity,
    Just hop a west-bound train.
    Un-Amsterdam! Un-Amsterdam! God shed his shoes by the sea,
    And found thy good in other ‘hoods,
    Cape May to Harmony!

    • bowsprite said, on 2016/01/24 at 18:19

      I must be missing home!
      And that is Harmony, NJ…not Harmony, CA, which is near Fresno! Thank you, O Docker, resident poet!

  3. Rembert said, on 2016/01/18 at 05:05

    Thank you for not showing explicitly restless Volkswagen Diesels to the mariners community.

    But, as in most things, there may be a white room behind the black curtain. The city of Cologne already found an interesting solution at least for asphalt plains, simply remembering its usual Laissez-faire-attitude (that made some headlines last week, regarding an other problem):

    “Liebe Deine Stadt” means “Love your city” and clearly must be meant as a command, if you have a closer look. May be, that rather laid back approach of my hometown is the reason, why I find a lot of beauty in these pieces.

  4. ws said, on 2016/01/18 at 10:01

    -50,000 Delegates to the UN’s Global Warming Summit in Paris: They left us more carbon as their legacy from their transits to Europe!
    Yet, There is hope for us:
    -You’re riding the Bike Friday Folder, Marina’s taking the train to Toronto, & Yours Truly rides the Trek,…..

  5. ws said, on 2016/01/18 at 10:54

    The Kearney Generating Station, Kearney, NJ:
    -Utilized a GE Binary Mercury Rankine cycle steam turbine generator system.
    None other than Thomas A. Edison, Inaugurated, and synchronized this AC power plant in 1925!

  6. bluebrightly said, on 2016/01/18 at 11:12

    This is brilliant and deserves a wide audience. Your design sense is spot on and full of life, in spite of what’s going on outside our front doors. The way you handle watercolor in the Hackensack River drawing, the crescent moon do perfectly placed, the colored cars on the pavement loops, it’s all so much fun to look at. And the message comes across!
    I’d love to see what you would do or here in the Seattle area, with so much water and a strong boating tradition. You must let me know if you ever visit!

    • bowsprite said, on 2016/01/24 at 18:27

      Would LOVE to visit Seattle, Bluebrightly, thank you!! Bainbridge Island has been calling me for quite awhile. Very cool photos you have. xo!

  7. Michael said, on 2016/01/18 at 15:46

    The Pulaski Skyway always feels like I’m driving by Hell.

  8. Ann Wilberton said, on 2016/01/19 at 08:56

    You’ve made the LA freeways look beautiful.

    • bowsprite said, on 2016/01/24 at 18:40

      Thank you, Ann. It gave me headache to try to draw. I cannot imagine driving it.

  9. said, on 2016/01/23 at 00:00

    Graphic, oily, chemical-soaked and… beautiful! I love this. Thank you for wooing our senses while you make a point! It’s a sharp knife in a jeweled scabbard.Ouch!

    o docker, long ago I sailed with two guys; one was from N. Jersey, the other from NYC. One day they were arguing about whose home was better, each heaping insults on the other. But the Jersey guy won the bout when he said: “When I look across the river, I see the New York skyline. But all you get to look at is Jersey!”

    Thanks, Christina!

    • bowsprite said, on 2016/01/24 at 18:28

      You must tell your sailing stories, Reid! please!

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