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Everyone: please BREATHE.

Because you can. You know why you should breathe? because if you don’t, you die.



Thank you, Marina, who recently rode the train to Toronto from NYC, and brought back this striking image and quote from Turner, whose paintings “were compared to lobster salad, soapsuds, whitewash, and beetroot or mustard.”

Breathe first.

Then, breathe and work.


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  1. ws said, on 2015/12/07 at 10:20

    Marina, taking the train from NYC to Toronto!
    Making the 50,000 delegates to he UN’s Global warming summit in Paris look bad,
    They’re, leaving us more carbon as their legacy from their transits to Europe.

  2. Michael said, on 2015/12/07 at 10:43

    Gorgeous paintings. Breathe, you say? I was thinking the same thing only yesterday. Now if one is a whale, you have to pick your moments. But for We Who Are Mostly Dry we can breath all the time, and should.

    Now I want lobster salad.

  3. Rembert said, on 2015/12/08 at 10:36

    This fits well into an endless summer, which still refuses to die. There are reasons for that and the other side of the coin, that at certain places you better only work and avoid breathing at all…
    Toronto – New York: In a cool, streamlined nighttrain I hope? It´s such a pity, that a lot of people (at least here) consider it to be an insult, to travel more than two hours by train. I remember the last trip to Italy, where railway officials in Innsbruck were amazed about the ticket Cologne – Venice. BTW, I have learned, that Turners wonderful colours are not only the fruit of hard work, but a result of careful observation and natural pollution. One of the numerous volcanoes in Indonesia (!) had erupted and coloured the light of his epoch. And where most perpetuated painting what they knew, he brought on the paper, what he saw.

  4. mageb said, on 2015/12/08 at 17:07

    Working for peace is a good thing right now.
    I love your doodle.

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