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Every day is Macondo Blowout day…unless?? see this article in Bloomberg Business

WOW, beautiful film that Deep Sea News linked to (I use reed pens, too!):

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  2. Rembert said, on 2015/04/22 at 03:08

    Given the greasy background – an iridescent wonder! Hey, wake up, to see a real piece of art! (On such a still rather grey spring morning like this it must be allowed, to look at even the most serious matter from the angle of aesthetics).

  3. Richard Hudson said, on 2015/04/24 at 08:40

    A beautiful and thought-provoking image of a sad scene.
    Thanks for reminding us and sharing.

  4. said, on 2015/04/30 at 23:58

    “Crude prices above $100 a barrel had been bringing a demand peak closer.” Very interesting article, Christina, and an aspect I hadn’t considered before! Good long-term thinking on the part of Saudi Arabia – which ought to provoke some long-term thinking on our part, too.

    But with regard to Macondo, the film (which I enjoyed a lot!) neglected to mention that the cause of that terrible accident and spill was a widespread pattern of cost and safety shortcuts aboard Deepwater Horizon, driven by big losses every day the Deepwater Horizon stayed on-site. They were desperate to close up that well, and cut too many corners. A typically safe operation would not have had that problem.

    When the filmmakers ask (with regard to offshore drilling) “why do we keep doing it?” the answer is that we need energy, and there is a lot of it offshore. But you have to do it properly! Humans can get bogged down in short-term, near-horizon thinking, and human nature won’t change even with Macondo’s wake-up call. But I hope next time, the spector of Macondo will interrupt the error chain before it can result in another such a disaster.

    Great post, Christina, and lovely drawings! It’s a rather grim subject, but you’ve brought somber beauty to even this!

  5. mageb said, on 2015/05/02 at 21:30

    I really like your work. That bottom piece is so fresh. 🙂

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