sage tea

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This is from the sage of the Val Bregaglia, Dr. Hans Bänninger, whose recent recommendation for me I share with you:

Please, try to find garden sage (Salvia officinalis in Latin.) It is an herb you find usually in all traditional gardens. Even in wintertime the leaves have her oils. This is the right medical plant with the potential to help you.
Cut the leaves in small pieces. Infuse for 10 minutes. This will help your throat and take away inflammation and pain.

It is working–thank you so much, Dr. Bänninger!

Pack fresh sage in that sea bag! if you don’t need it for medicinal purposes, you can always roast potatoes or meat with it.

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  1. mageb said, on 2015/02/24 at 12:18

    You have been a lively and colorful bowsprite lately. Where did Sal go? Yes, he will be missed. I do like the doodle of the Ticonderoga…is she hogging a bit? LOL I like your sage too. I can smell it roasting with my dinner tatters.

  2. Rembert said, on 2015/02/24 at 15:29

    The recipe would be complete, if it mentioned those three spoonful of honey/cup, you need, to swallow that brewage. And the cafe Luz, to make the experience forgotten.

  3. Rembert said, on 2015/02/24 at 16:22

    Ok, I exaggerated. After a little self-experiment, that was finished some minutes ago, the result is: Only a little bit to healthy. Like rather smooth sandpaper.

    • bowsprite said, on 2015/02/24 at 16:31

      …the better to scrape away the germs off, m’dear…

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