Save Our Seaport, tonight, 6pm

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The South Street Seaport Historic District was preserved with public funds. The Economic Development Corporation–with powers completely unchecked since the reign of several mayors–have given the Howard Hughes Corporation this community space free reign for development.

Today, Jan. 5, 2015, Community Board 1’s Landmarks Committee will discuss The Howard Hughes Corporation’s proposals for redevelopment of the historic Seaport and will pass a resolution either confirming or denying them.

National Museum of the American Indian, 1 Bowling Green • Time: 6 p.m.

Save Our Seaport

*editor’s note: I have just been to New Orleans; The Howard Hughes Corporation’s Riverwalk is pretty buttfkking depressing.
You want the same sh¡t here? yes? do you?

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  1. tugster said, on 2015/01/05 at 15:48

    Wow! U can post/draw quickly when u wish! Xxoo

    Sent by talking drum.


  2. Rigmor Lisbeth said, on 2015/01/05 at 17:09

    Oh dear, I hope that you succed to keep the place alive ! Support in any way. As a visitor from a sailor nation, The Seaport has been a big atrraction in NY. Best …. and supporting regards from RL in Danmark

  3. eastriver said, on 2015/01/06 at 09:50

    We’ll know as soon as the first outlet appears on the “new” Pier 17, won’t we?

  4. Rembert said, on 2015/01/06 at 11:08

    There must be a conspiracy somewhere, to make all waterfronts around the world look equal. To substitute earnest stone, heavy iron and the smell of grease with pale concrete and sleek glass, which every mall offers in abundance and which will never bear any traces of that so very specific situation at the border of land and sea. Lay in front of that railing and deck of one of those yachts, only people can afford, who later own these building-sins, and you have, what the members of that clique seem to be dreaming of.

    Even councilors know that. But get weak, when the magic word „jobs“ is used. There is only one other key word, that always encounters open ears in the city council and that is “tourism”. There will be few of those, who want to travel thousands of miles and visit New Yorks famous harbour, only to feel like not having left the airport. Tourists want a story, that´s visible.

    • eastriver said, on 2015/01/06 at 12:31

      Rembert — I’m a member of the Save Our Seaport steering committee. May we quote your excellent comment?

      • Rembert said, on 2015/01/07 at 04:23


        I would be proud, if you do so. Because I don´t have much confidence in my “Denglish” (Deutsch/English), but this would be the accolade. Wow, they understood me!

        BTW, it may be more important, that I´m a prospective New York tourist myself and I don´t want to encounter Hamburg in the United States.

      • eastriver said, on 2015/01/08 at 17:32

        Ihr Englisch ist besser als mein Deutsch! Und — if you keep sending these quotable comments, we may have to hire you as a public-relations writer…

      • Rembert said, on 2015/01/11 at 13:52

        A rather busy weekend. They want so much documents for the greencard. And I still have some doubts, that they will find my police clearance certificate convincing.

  5. Michael said, on 2015/01/06 at 12:00

    Not another eyesore please.

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