pretty lamb

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2014/10/22

What’s a pretty lamb like you doing in a harbor like this? and headed light and high upriver to Albany?


Tugpower reported on Tugster that she stopped at Coeyman’s, NY, then to Norfolk, VA.

Pretty Lamb is now headed to Bizerte, Tunisia. It is a Pretty World–a pretty bustling, port-hopping world.


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  1. said, on 2014/10/22 at 23:04

    I wonder whether any of her crews have been tempted to paint a couple of black bars on the “B” in “LAMB”? Perhaps incentive for the company to keep her a happy ship!

  2. greencan37 said, on 2014/10/23 at 13:38

    Love your drawings, your humor, your perspective and your spirit. Thank you, Sharon

  3. mageb said, on 2014/10/27 at 17:11

    as always, you charm the heck outta mt. 🙂

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