skyport marina / Tugboat Race on North River tomorrow!

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Former east river site of the 23rd Street Ferry with ferries once running from Manhattan to Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, as far back as 1857, this lovely concrete structure today is a parking facility. Party boats and dining cruisers dock here.

Color to come. Just wanted to post to say: Tomorrow, Sunday! the Working Harbor Committee‘s 22st Annual Great North River Tugboat Race & Competition takes place
Sunday 31 August
West 44th Street & Hudson River

10:00 AM – Parade of tugs from Pier 84 to the start line.
10:30 AM – Race starts – From South of 79th Street Boat Basin (near Pier I) to Pier 84.
11 AM – Nose to nose pushing contests and line toss competition.
Noon – Tugs tie up to Pier 84 for lunch and awards ceremony.
Exhibits, amateur line toss, spinach eating contest
1 PM – Awards ceremony. Tugs depart at about 2 PM.

I don’t see the tattoo contest on the agenda, but I’m sure wardrobe will come off and ink will be revealed. And the night shift crew will try to sleep through it all.

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  1. Fennarama (@fennarama) said, on 2014/08/30 at 22:14

    Yet another reason I wish I were there!

  2. tugster said, on 2014/08/31 at 15:49

    just wondering whether any of yr designs–to the best of yr knowledge–have been inked into anyone’s flesh yet?

  3. "Captain" Mary said, on 2014/09/01 at 10:50

    This year’s ink was impressive with the grand prize going to a shirtless sailor from the Army tug named for Mad Anthony Wayne (the tug, not the sailor). His back sports a fantasy scene with a giant squid in full color. Honorable Mention went to the red-haired chief engineer of the Robert E. McAllister. She had us all agog when she dropped her Carhartts and lifted the leg of her shorts to reveal a beautiful serpent.

  4. mageb said, on 2014/09/05 at 10:45

    Wonderful. I’ve missed you. Who won the race?

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