memorial day

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2014/05/24


 they recited prayers, sang hymns, placed flowers….

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  1. Louis said, on 2014/05/25 at 05:34

    Visited the Navy & Coast Guard boats at Fleet Week on Pier 92/Manhattan
    Totally worthwhile. Crowds were not too bad (Only 1/2 hr but maybe because there was a slight drizzle).
    They are leaving Tuesday AM

  2. Rembert said, on 2014/05/25 at 13:15

    What a beautiful (and for us on the other side of the atlantic confusing) picture on the end of a long sun-burnt day.

  3. Ian said, on 2014/05/26 at 10:51

    Found your site via your postcards for sale in the little cafe at the seaport! I bought 3 of your cards- so hard to choose. All very inspiring!

  4. mageb said, on 2014/05/26 at 12:12

    What a flat out stunning drawing. Thanks.

  5. mageb said, on 2014/05/30 at 16:00

    RYN: You would be so proud of me. I am actually letting books go. It’s amazing.

    Mage Bailey on Facebook. Click on photos then albums. I hate to say it, but there are 4 Panama Canal albums. LOL

  6. tugster said, on 2014/07/06 at 14:51

    yes, michael . . . i get it. this is one of two bookend pieces . . . the other coming at the other end o summer . . . labor day.

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