FGS Bonn

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2014/03/13

Berlin-class replenishment ship FGS Bonn steamed as quietly out of the harbor yesterday as she entered, almost two weeks ago.


Name: FGS (Federal German Ship) Bonn 
Built: (four dockyards!) Fr. Lürssen Werft, Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft (deckhaus), ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Peene-Werft (hull), Emder Werft und Dockbetriebe.
christened: June 2012
commissioned: September 2013

Length: 570.9 ft (174 m)
Width: 78.7 ft (24 m)
Draft:   24.3 (7.4 m)
Load displacement: about 18,000 t
Speed: 20 knots
Capacity: 10,560 kW (14,357 hp)
Endurance period: 45 days
Two 24T cranes
Crew: capable of carrying 237
Homeport: Wilhelmshaven, Germany’s only deep water port, and its largest naval base.

  • Named after German cities where German parliaments are, the ships carry supplies, fuel, provisions, ammunition and provide medical services.
    Powered by two diesel engines, the Berlin-class frigates feature in-flight refuelling-capabilities (HIFR) and replenishment-at-sea (RAS) systems in accordance with NATO regulations.

She had just come back from a week in Halifax, her design will be used for two Royal Canadian Navy supply ships to be built by Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd. (After the Coast Guard’s polar ice breaker. Or before. If at all.)

What is wrong with us? Our NATO partner and alliance’s vessel comes to town for a good stay but there is no official city memo nor press release, no hoopla. The ship is all dressed up but no where was there a welcoming oompah band, a red carpet soiree, a nyc kaffeklatsch/kvetch, a luau farewell…Nichts! The locals kept watch. Well, we hope you had a good time, Sailors!

Bonn voyage!

A1413aaFGS Bonn at Brooklyn’s pier 7

 thx, Walt and JED!
hallo, Rembert!

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  1. Buck said, on 2014/03/13 at 06:50

    Danke, Bowsprite. Das Gemälde is sehr schön; immer schön

  2. Michael said, on 2014/03/13 at 09:53

    Hoopla? You’re looking for hoopla? NYC didn’t have any hoopla for the Super Bowl (which is the Super Bowl of special events) so you gotta nother thing coming looking for German boat hoopla.

  3. said, on 2014/03/13 at 10:00

    I’m sure the sailors had a good time, given any opportunity at all – sailors have a talent for that! I don’t know NYC’s hoopla standards, but I hope the Captain and crew didn’t feel ignored or slighted. Interesting ship, and a beautiful drawing, Bowsprite!

  4. walt said, on 2014/03/13 at 12:57

    I Suspect Foul Play: First there was No Navy Fleet Week Last May, and now the Bonn A1413 arrives 3/1/14 with no fanfare whatsoever.
    Something is fishy here, and it not just the Lobsters, and the Red Hook Lobster Pound either!

  5. walt said, on 2014/03/13 at 14:39

    Christina, As always thanks for sharing!
    Stephen C. Foster was the Micheal Jackson of his day. He wrote Oh Susanna, and the German Stevedores sang Oh Susanna all day long, and they had no idea what the words meant!

  6. Mary Habstritt said, on 2014/03/14 at 13:48

    The Brooklyn Hts thing said they were re-supplying? Where do they get supplies over there? Ach! I guess there must be a way as the cruise ships must re-supply at Atlantic Basin.

    On 3/13/14 2:39 AM, “Bowsprite: A New York Harbor Sketchbook” wrote:

    > bowsprite posted: “Berlin-class replenishment ship FGS Bonn steamed as quietly > out of the harbor yesterday as she entered, a week ago. Name:FGS (Federal > German Ship)Bonn Built: (four dockyards!)Fr. Lrssen Werft, Flensburger > Schiffbau Gesellschaft (deckhaus), Th” >

  7. Rembert said, on 2014/03/17 at 04:10

    Strict censorship for a missing letter? Pardonnez-moi!

  8. o docker said, on 2014/03/18 at 01:59

    Will historians one day look back and call us the post-hoopla generation? Does our inability to hoop mark a turning point in western culture? Are the Chinese manufacturing hoop at a pace that has left us paralyzed and bewildered?

    Curious about the origins of hoopla, I googled and discovered we have the French (who else?) to blame. Apparently houp-là used to mean, “Step lively, there!”

    Or at least until the whole notion became hopelesslypassé.

    • Rembert said, on 2014/03/18 at 11:42

      Interesting idea. But if you still believe in the idea of progress, you favour the interpretation of exuberant hoopla as a lack of maturity. After certain episodes in the younger history, that well-known mixture of hoopla and military subjects is viewed with scepticism by german public (as I tried to explain in my last comment, censored away by bowsprite or a technical failure). A decidedly matter-of-fact perspective seems to be more adequate. Therefore nobody here will feel annoyed when meeting members of the post-hoopla-generation. And I´m sure, that New York´s sixth boro and bars offered the sailors a more than sufficient substitute for official hoopla.

      • o docker said, on 2014/03/18 at 13:03

        Thankfully, I’ve fallen between generations. I was too young for the Pepsi generation and too old for the me generation. Maybe I’ve been a member of the hoopla generation without realizing it.

        I’ve always admired a certain lack of maturity. If that’s what puts the hoop in hoopla, count me in.

    • Rembert said, on 2014/03/19 at 09:00

      Hm, with the help of urban dictionary I found out, that I misunderstood the meaning of that slang-word. I took the result for action (and learned enough about the Pepsi generation, to know now, that Red Bull did not only steal the formula but also the marketing idea). Nevertheless, I´m sure, that most people prefer living in boring Switzerland to the hoopla, you can enjoy on the Crimea just now. Although I have to admit, that I know only too well the pleasures of immaturity, as carnival found to an end only a few weeks ago.

  9. S. Alfassa said, on 2014/03/21 at 10:28

    My colleague and I are with the USCG Auxiliary. I saw the German ship and stopped by the gate and they said we could have a tour the following Saturday. It was excellent. We even got the chance to tell the German officer about some history of Germany and the Port of New York. We took photos on the ship, it departed last Tuesday without fanfare. These blogs are important because there is no “good” source of info on shipping in NYC anymore. Sad. Keep up the good work. /S. Alfassa Vice Flotilla Comdr. ‘5-3’ NYC

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