Fair winds, Pete

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2014/01/29
Fair winds, and clean harbors. Article here, more here.

Pete Seeger in 1975, protesting the dumping of PCBs in the Hudson River, sang to a group of children as the sloop Clearwater rode at anchor. Photo: Associated Press

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  1. Michael said, on 2014/01/29 at 10:37

    Thanks for everything, Pete. I saw him play alongside Clearwater in 1979 and 1980.

  2. said, on 2014/01/29 at 10:38

    I was running up the Hudson to Rensselaer in those days on the old T-1 tanker PROVIDENCE GETTY. It was always a big thrill to see CLEARWATER under sail in the river.

    He will be missed, but loved and remembered. Thanks, Christina!

  3. Rigmor said, on 2014/01/29 at 10:59

    What a Beautifull Spirit. And what a Beautifull post from you. His songs reach out all over the World and connect souls as the sea. Ohoy captain Pete

  4. Rembert said, on 2014/01/29 at 15:13

    P.S. wasn´t more than a famous name for us, whose music initiation began with Hendrix. What a sad cause, to learn more about a dignified life.

  5. Renee Stanley said, on 2014/02/09 at 22:43

    To ev’ry sailor comes time to drop anchor
    Haul in the sails and make the lines fast.
    You deep water dreamer, your journey is over
    You’re safe in the harbor at last.

    Thanks to Pete Seeger, a nation’s consciousness was awakened to the pollution of one of the world’s greatest waterways. This would be a sadder world if he had not been in it.

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