tug Pushy

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2014/01/16


type: ?400 HP twin screw push boat
built: 1992? by Frank J. Weckesser, Southern MA
length: 26 ft / 7.9 m
beam: ? ft / –m
draft: ?ft / — m

drawn to scale where .25″ = 1′:


26′ tug = 6.5″
125′ barge = 31.25″
10′ wave = 2.5″

The story is herevery happy crew is safe.

thanks to Tugster: need an image or stats of a vessel? call Tugster.

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  1. Michael said, on 2014/01/16 at 18:01

    As long as the colors are right!

    • bowsprite said, on 2014/01/16 at 18:25

      yes! fixed the relative scale and iced up the waters. Brrrr, screen freeze.

  2. lngcoldfacts said, on 2014/01/17 at 00:57

    Nice job! I like the wave overtaking her. You make Pushy look plucky.

    I’ve done relatively little pushing, and that with a model bow tug, but I know you have to pick your weather. If your push gear breaks up it can be hazardous. Our boat pushed loaded coal barges up the Chesapeake from Norfolk to Baltimore, and towed them back South MT, for about a year-and-a-half back in the late ’90s. Those barges had a fair notch and we used wire to make up, and still couldn’t take much sea.

    Looks like Pushy was using line, which always made me nervous – it stretches so. Can you say “coonass”?

    Thanks for a timely and characteristic image!

    • bowsprite said, on 2014/01/17 at 10:19

      Ah! they’re alive, barge looks fine and the tug can be salvaged, so the rest is lagniappe. Laissez les vagues rouler!

      • bowsprite said, on 2014/01/17 at 10:29

        (line on USCG report: “this illustrator said the barge is fine and the tug can be salvaged…'”…it was on the internet…”)

  3. chiefsnee Larry said, on 2014/01/17 at 09:57

    Yes,that was very great news to hear that all were safe.

  4. walt said, on 2014/01/17 at 16:52

    A Cadillac from the 50’s is almost the same length as Pushy!

  5. mageb said, on 2014/01/22 at 17:18

    Great drawing. Says it all. Glad crew is safe and the tug can be salvaged.

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