cgc bainbridge island, southbound

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USCGC Bainbridge Island (WPB-1343)

Built: Bollinger Machine Shop and Shipyard, Lockport, LA
Commissioned: September 20th, 1991
Class and type: Island Class
Displacement: 154 tons
Length: 110 ft (33.5 m)
Beam: 21 ft (6.4 m)
crew: 2 Officers, 1 CPO, 13 crew
homeport: Sandy Hook, NJ

more stats here. But, what are they serving for lunch?

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  1. baydog said, on 2014/01/03 at 16:34

    Is that a trick question or can the answer be found on this post?

  2. Steve said, on 2014/01/14 at 10:43

    Nice artwork. I’ve managed to get aboard this cutter a couple of times – including one hot sunny day in New York Harbor which was an absolute delight. She was based in Sandy Hook at the time, pre-storm! Now she’s out of Bayonne

    I’m in the Navy League and the USCGC Bainbridge Island is one of our council’s (Central Jersey) adopted units, along with the USCGC Katherine Walker, USCGC Line, USCGC Sailfish, USCGC Sturgeon Bay, USCGC Penobscott Bay, Aids To Navigation (ATN), NWS Earle, and the USNS Supply.

    If you ever want to go out on a cutter (no promises) joining the Navy League might get you a chance to do so. I’ve been out on the Katherine Walker a bunch of times too. You don’t have to been in one of the services to join, just care about the personnel and their dependents and want to do something to improve their lives a little where we can.

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