welcome, Ceres, to New York Harbor!

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2013/10/24

She did it!


The homemade wooden sailing barge set out late September and sailed 300 miles, from Ferrisburgh, Vermont to here, rounding the Battery sometime this morning.
And if AIS is to be believed, she is stemming the tide there for six hours, now. What fortitude!

The journey has been incredible, and I hope at some point, the log will available for reading. For now, we followed this account, which has managed to be updated, in between planting, harvesting, loading, building, planking, ballasting, poling, sailing, and now, stemming…

The seed:

“…a group of farmers builds a basic boat and sails their produce to market…(it) has worked here in the past, and can work again…22 miles of canal passage…There are nine locks, raising us in elevation a little and dropping us back down again…”

went to this entry:

“…Ceres is a flagged vessel of the United States merchant fleet.  Imagine that!  A few short months ago she was just a stack of sheets of plywood!”
Hooray for the USCG! semper paratus! We ♥ the USCG.

“Over the past five days a mind-blowing variety of agricultural products, a true cornucopia of the north country, was rallied both to my farm in Ferrisburgh and to the colonial-era shipping warehouses of Chipman Point Marina.

“None of us ever having loaded a cargo vessel with tonnage before, we had to guess at it.

“Ceres weighs about 7000 lbs empty.  We added 5000 lbs of ballast to make her 12000 lbs.  Now she is loaded to a total displacement of about 36000 lbs, meaning that we have loaded in about 24000 lbs of saleable (sail-able) cargo.”

She is here! You can visit this lucky, plucky FIRST cargo vessel since many moons from upriver at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Saturday, or, the manhattan side on Sunday.
Love this sighting from Tug44 from his front yard.

You can still put in your order here:

Ceres is the goddess of grain crops and agriculture. She is also on the New Jersey State seal.


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  1. tugster said, on 2013/10/24 at 15:53

    stemming for six hours or not, fortitude is already evidenced by the accomplishments of conceiving the project, evolving the design, building the boat and marketing project, harvesting the crops, stowing them, and then physically moving cargo and vessel over 250 miles to the big market down here. bravo all. and great tribute/drawing . .. bowsprite!

  2. Rigmor Lisbeth Justesen said, on 2013/10/24 at 15:53

    Wau….. sounds great. And beside being the goddess og crops and grains…. CERES also happens to be one of the big breweries in Danmark 😉 Lots or greetings from here with a big hug. Miss you !!!!!

  3. Vermont Rice said, on 2013/10/25 at 10:05

    Ceres and her crew love the Port of New York. We Vermonters and North Country farmers will do what we can to help launch the next chapter of the city’s amazing maritime heritage. I love the drawing! Ceres and her team have made me so proud, and the friendships made along the way have been such a delight and give me renewed hope for the future.

    Erik Andrus.

    • bowsprite said, on 2013/10/25 at 10:12

      Erik, crew, friends and supporters: congratulations to you all! looking forward to meeting you and to many more smooth sailings ahead!
      Congratulations, really!

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  5. mageb said, on 2013/10/30 at 08:59

    Isn’t she and her crew amazing. Imagine how good those foods taste too. I’m sorry I’m here not there.

  6. Kashif Ansari said, on 2013/10/31 at 11:10

    a boat for pass-engers who will enjoy the ride across the high seas. any seafood??? see food? go crazy!

  7. vagabonde said, on 2013/11/03 at 09:04

    What a great mercantile adventure! I would have loved to see that ship, but we won’t be in NYC until next week. Love your drawing and the colors.

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