radio LILAC, next crafts’ fair in september!

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Bike, walk, swim, sail, paddle to Hudson River Park’s pier 25, off North Moore street and West Street.
Public transportation directions here.

Presenting! a few of our vendors, and if you would like to be in touch with them or learn more:

mawusiMawusi    gathernowoodGatherNoWood   vmackenzieVH McKenzie  ssecombeShelley Seccombe   invibezInIVibez    elments4Elments4InspirdLivng   flilgreeFiligreeNYC   daintycreationsDaintyCreations   greenmountianGreenMountain   sosSaveOurSeaport   Tara   blowspittlebowsprite



many thanks to Mary, Gerry, Andy, Sanford, Carl, Brian, Paulina, Stephen, Jimmy, Tom, Kenny, Brian, Derry (other volunteers’ names to come) for all your help. This would not be possible without all of you!

Thank you, Broadsheet, Downtown Express, Tribeca Tribune. Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (others to come).

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  1. Mage Bailey said, on 2013/07/23 at 10:17

    I can’t come, but I’m waving.

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