les sans culottes at the south seaport tonight

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“Allô, Boston!”

That is how Clermont Ferrand would greet the crowd in the little bars we used to play in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken: Sin-é, Sidewalk, Pianos, Black Betty, PS1, Maxwell’s…

This troupe of Brooklynites formed this French go-go band, Les Sans Culottes, in hommage to Serge Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy, France Gall, Nino Ferrer, Jacques Dutronc, and others. The French hated us, so we knew we’d do well touring around France—as in—the countries surrounding. Alas, I had to leave the band just before they got booked in France. I am happy they made it back alive.

We had great names like Kit Kat le Noir, Celine Dijon, JeanLuc Retard, Cal Dommage, Pascal Blase.

The crew now:

Clermont Ferrand – singer
Kit Kat Le Noir – chanteuse
Courtney Louvre – chanteuse
M. Pommes Frites – bass
Geddy Liason (aka TRESemmé) – guitar
Johnny Dieppe – keyboard
Jacques Strappe – drums

We had great costumes:
“You look like astronaut wives.”

We had great sound. Well. We had great fun.

tvgglaisse tomber les filles

omg. I cannot sing! We pissed off the French, we pissed off musicians with perfect pitch.

Well, that’s why I became a deckhand.
I hope youtube will not show me throwing the heaving line into the drink. Yes, of course I have.

Les Sans Culottes are playing tonight, Friday, at 6:30 at Front St. and Fulton St. Vive la Révolution!

The performance in this video Clermont sent was on the 107th floor
of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
The hall was called, “The Greatest Bar on Earth.”

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  1. jean pierre said, on 2013/07/19 at 16:18

    this jean-pierre the frenchman eeez. shackles. if i knowed the “without pants ” was playing in nouvelle iorke, i did would had be there. comprenez? please next times, tells me earlier a little. i wants to seize the sans pants . . .

    • bowsprite said, on 2013/07/19 at 16:30

      haut off ze citron presse, babé! I only just found oot, ooh la la. I am a poor fan club.

  2. Michel Poufinaise le Dreque said, on 2013/07/19 at 16:19

    Quelle magnifique!

  3. JED said, on 2013/07/19 at 18:22

    C’est bon! Belle Chanteuse!

    • bowsprite said, on 2013/07/27 at 10:40

      HA! omgoodness. Hilarious! Had to send this to the band, merci. Quel sacrilege! those lyrics… with her voice! brutal! Merci JED!

  4. starbuck5250 said, on 2013/07/19 at 21:24

    I have perfect pitch and I’m in love. Of course, your illustration for the web site helps. Have you heard… of course you have. But perhaps others haven’t heard the original: France Gall – ‘Laisse tomber les filles’

    Jed: Magnificent find!!

  5. […] les sans culottes at the south seaport tonight […]

  6. Capt. Mike said, on 2013/08/04 at 09:51

    Such talent and you can heave a dock line too! Truly an artist!

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