deckhand look-alike contest!

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2013/01/28

Does your deckhand (or other crew member) look like anyone from this clip?

if ‘yes’, s/he is eligible to win a bowsprite print of her/his vessel and a pink salmon scarf!

Scan of TWIC card needed to claim prize Nevermind, no TWIC scanners yet. Send phone photo. And phone number.

Good luck, Wo/Men!

*this is an equal opportunity event.

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  1. fishingblues said, on 2013/01/28 at 01:41

    I only wish our deckhands looked like this! Maybe I could convince one of them to strategically shave their facial hair… Would that be cheating?

    • bowsprite said, on 2013/01/28 at 01:51

      razor-editting is fine! and, would you have black fishnet?
      Good luck to the Robin Blue and crew for a good, safe season! (keep us updated!)

  2. Michael said, on 2013/01/28 at 01:55

    First of all, this is one of the great summer songs of all time. Six months from now…

    But as for lookalikes, if anyone looks like the lead singer in Mungo Jerry…wow! Sideburns from outer space!

    • bowsprite said, on 2013/01/28 at 10:49

      Although it was the sideburns that caught our eye, awards will go to anyone with the ‘It’ that matches these performers in the video. All races and both sexes encouraged to apply. Anything goes. Please select scarf fabric preference: cotton or pashima.

  3. Bonnie K. Frogma said, on 2013/03/20 at 19:30

    have you got a nautical-themed pashmina afghan?

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