USS Mitscher (DDG-57)

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USS Mitscher (DDG-57)
Ingalls Shipbuilding, 1992
Homeport: Norfolk, VA
Length: 505 ft (154 m)
Beam: 66 ft (20 m)
Draft: 31 ft (9.4 m)

33 Officers
38 Chief Petty Officers
210 Enlisted Personnel

At Stapleton Pier / The Sullivans Pier, Fleet Week 2012. With the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in the background.


Chock-a-block of eye pads…unlike this unidentified ship, with a dearth of panama chocks.

Line handling these days must be damned bitter cold. Oof!

Thanks Tugster and Birk!

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  1. JED said, on 2013/01/25 at 07:23

    Back in the day as a strapping US Navy Deck Seaman we would use those pad-eyes to hog our stage in so we could paint the side without having to reach so far – BIG pain in the ass to make happen; BIGGER advantage for accurate, efficient paint out.

  2. Michael said, on 2013/01/25 at 07:59

    Ship’s compliment: “That green really goes with your eyes.”

  3. o docker said, on 2013/01/25 at 13:33

    How much chafe would a wood chock check if a wood chock could check chafe?

  4. mageb said, on 2013/01/27 at 12:53

    Now I have to go look up why this particular ship has those tie downs. I’ve never seen them before. The links are great, thanks.

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