MV Iceberg

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2012/12/27
After two years and nine months in captivity, the mariners of the MV Iceberg have been freed.
Best of luck to them on their journey to good health, and to their families.


Inspired by Manu’s Scripts’ many writings on piracy, I thought of how a mariner could have control, and it is the same one power we have, always:

Refuse to enable people or companies who put profit above responsibility to their crew—

• no money,
• no service,
• no business,
• no supplies,
• no crew,
• no succor.

As a tugman I know puts it, ” I wouldn’t piss on them even if they were on fire.” How inadvertently gracious of him.

Don’t work for Azal Shipping & Cargo. We need the names of the owners, should they disband and reform as another company.

Pass it on,brothers and sisters…

Join the Mariners Action Group (MAG). There are more being held.
Thank you, all who helped in the rescue, on all levels…

Iceberg I, RO/RO
Built: 1976, ACH Construction Navale, Le Havre, FR
Length: 98.0m
Beam: 18.0m
Flag: Panama

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  1. mageb said, on 2012/12/27 at 13:08

    Check the pictures of her. In the latest, she truly looks terrible.

    • bowsprite said, on 2012/12/27 at 18:50

      She’s inoperable and out of commission. Crew members were made of tougher stuff.

  2. Reid said, on 2012/12/27 at 15:30

    It’s beautiful, Christina! MV Iceberg 1 comes to life on the Web. Thank you!

    And I agree – we need a way to identify and track companies that fail to care for their seamen. A rating system driven by sailors with experience at various companies? How could it work so as to be usable (even by web-enabled cell phone) and easy to use so it stayed up-to-date? Hope one of your web-savvy readers can comment with useful advice!

    • bowsprite said, on 2012/12/27 at 20:10

      oh, Reid–thank YOU! Mariners Action Group (MAG) came alive thanks to you.

      • Reid Sprague said, on 2012/12/28 at 08:54

        Too much credit! I did help, but KC of Kennebec Captain had the original idea – first for a FB page, then a website and membership organization. I’ve implemented much of it, but KC and other members (you, too!) get credit for leadership and direction. Nothing happens without participation!

  3. tugster said, on 2012/12/27 at 18:15

    here’s a pic: the ptsd the recused crew face will take a long time to exorcise . . . bravo to the voices raised who wanted months ago to do something.

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