sandy, the horrendous force of nature

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2012/10/29

At 10h38, the CG reported on VHF16 two refrigerators floating at Edgewater. May it not get any worse than that.

Sandy Hook Pilot Boats 1 and 2 were on North River all day, starting at the vents, were pushed sideways downriver by the wind to Colgate Clock (day off for the Clock), and would go back north to the vents and start over, accompanied by PB America and PB Phantom. CG Sailfish was upriver, and Penobscot Bay was heard on VHF, but was going stealth.

The bottom of the low was at the top of the high:

To see conditions at the Battery, click here; Station ID: 8518750.

Pier 25: Pegasus is riding out the storm with her captain onboard. Fireboat John J. Harvey joined the party this afternoon. Buy tickets for Sunday, 4 november’s Federal Save America’s Treasures Grant celebration!

Lightship Tender Lilac is secured, and the amazing WWII photo exhibit of the U.S. Army Air Corps has been safely stowed away.

Lightship Nantucket left yesterday afternoon to ride the storm upriver.

Pier 17: Wavertree and company secured by the stalwart volunteers and museum crew yesterday. Pioneer is up in Verplank with tug Patty Nolan, and Pioneer captain reports all is well.

Red Hook is underwater! but coastal tanker Mary Whalen is riding out the briny surge with her shipkeeper and mate Chiclet onboard.

Seeking safety midstream were passenger vessels Miss New York, Miss New Jersey, Lady Liberty, Circleline Queens.

For a mariner’s perspective on Sandy, click hawsepiper.

Leave note of how you are weathering the storm if you’d like! Bianka is fine, hope the cars in the lot next to her are tied down.

Keeping watch? peek at Wunderground. See photos at Tugster.
Light a candle in vigil, condolences to crew and family: we are sorry. Bravo USCG

Signing off at 19h40: Tide is over the Battery seawall: a new record high. It’s washing over the seawall and onto the grass. Grateful to still have power; prepared for days without. Be safe everyone!

20h19 VHF 16: Fireboat Bravest responding to shipping containers afloat in Buttermilk Channel.

21h04 VHF 16: “Pan pan, pan pan, eight to ten people in the water at Gravesend Bay. Requesting all to be on the sharp lookout.”

21h09 VHF 16: HMS Liberty reported a yellow (diesel) fuel tank banging against the bulkhead of the water treatment facility by the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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  1. eastriver said, on 2012/10/29 at 19:14

    Thanks, Bowsprite — and light a candle indeed for poor Bounty. There’s still hope that they’ll find Robin Walbridge, so light a candle for him, too…

  2. PaulB said, on 2012/10/29 at 21:50

    Hope you’re feet dry and watching rom a distance!

  3. bluebrightly said, on 2012/10/29 at 22:59

    Well done as always! You can imagine how we’re feeling out here in Seattle, having left NYC earlier this year – remembering how our Staten Island apartment would leak & windows would blow in from far milder storms and trying to imagine the unimaginable. Remembering when I lived in Norwalk & was evacuated in a raft, from my tiny cottage on the Silvermine River as it flooded, wondering about my eye doctor, whose office is a few steps DOWN in Battery Park City, and of course, about the SI ferries. As glad as we are that we’re far away from what is sure to be a horrendous cleanup, we wish we could see the view from our old apartment window over the harbor tomorrow morning. But we have you! Thank you for keeping up with everyone, and great artwork!

  4. mageb said, on 2012/10/30 at 11:03

    Thank you so much for the coverage. How am I weathering Sandy? Worrying about you all. Just stay safe.

  5. wendy said, on 2012/10/31 at 12:07

    It’s eery seeing NY Harbor so empty today. Stay warm & be safe, everyone.

  6. Capt. Mike said, on 2012/11/03 at 19:14

    Communications just starting to become more reliable and I’m able to take a look around at what happened in other areas. Thanks for the report. Bianka was still floating on it’s mooring after Sandy but, it was a 1000 feet across the harbor from where I left her on Sunday night. Power is still out all over here. But, Bianka’s solar bimini and wind generator survived another one so the LED lights are on and I am home. Hope you are ok and and things are improving in your area.

  7. walt said, on 2012/11/05 at 10:32

    The Sinusoidal tide charts are like Roosevelt’s popularity: Good thing they finally put that memorial up when they did?! There’s are stories about the Architect Lawrence Halprin, i’m double checking them!
    -The pair of copper wires for my Verizon land line are the best: Fios i don’t think so!
    -Cranked into Brooklyn yesterday, Sunday from Parmaus: (no gasoline) a lot of silt on the
    West side Greenway, one gets a complimentary polio vaccine just riding through that muck!
    And the FDNY’s 343 still in the shop,it’s replaced with the FDNY’s McKean! the FDNY’s Alfred E. Smith was tied. up at the Gansevoort pier before Sandy
    Thx as usual

  8. John Sperr said, on 2012/11/13 at 14:37

    For tidal predictions, I like The Center for Maritime Systems site run by Stevens Institute of Technology. — it attempts to factor in things such as wind, barometric pressure, ice cover, and volumetric flow in forecasting tides and storm surge.

  9. vagabonde said, on 2012/11/16 at 22:51

    I thought about you, so close to the water. I hope that you did not lose power and if you did that it came back quickly. Nature can certainly be scary – we have had tornadoes close to the house, and it was not pretty. Thanks for coming to my blog while I was gone.

  10. mageb said, on 2012/11/23 at 11:43

    Dear you. I hope you have power again, and know that you continue in my thoughts. I also hope there was a Thanksgiving gathering in your family somehow. Hugs to you and yours.

    • bowsprite said, on 2012/12/11 at 02:13

      dear Mage! dear ALL!
      as of saturday, my internet and landline came back on! We have been lucky–this time, ready for the next time– maybe. Thank you thank you everyone for your concern, hope you are all well, happy holidaze…!!! more up soon! xoxo

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