fair warning

Posted in Uncategorized by bowsprite on 2011/10/14

“You remember radiotelephones? very expensive.”

One captain tells of being on a boat with his crew in Cape May when the following dialogue was overheard on a channel that a radiotelephone was using. The call was from a commercial fishing boat that often stays out for weeks at a time, from a man on the boat to a woman onshore.

Husband: “Hon, there’s fish. I think we’re going to be a few more days out here.”

Wife: “Well…I’m having sex on friday. If you want to be there for it. Your call.”

thank you, Capt. JJ!

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  1. Baydog said, on 2011/10/14 at 22:41

    I’m thinking Joe may be the first with a good comment here, hopefully

  2. tugster said, on 2011/10/14 at 23:12

    so . . . was this call made on a sunday or a thursday? and did . . . nah, i’m not gonna say it . . .

  3. Baydog said, on 2011/10/14 at 23:23

    Say it

  4. Max said, on 2011/10/15 at 02:14

    I remember seeing a report about a guy on water skis behind a speeding trawler

  5. tugster said, on 2011/10/15 at 07:41

    i should know never to ever write something like i did . . . because the build up is so great that eventual release (here i go again!!:) will be . . . underwhelming. however . . . let’s at it: i wondered whether radiotelephony sex was a chronological precursor to just plain phone sex, and then whether semaphoresex had ever . . . been attempted . . . signal lamp sex . . . like fireflies. smoke signal sex. . . . ok, i said it.

  6. mookoo1Michael said, on 2011/10/15 at 16:14

    I’ve got to think fireflies have a good time. They always fly around in a daze. The afterglow…

  7. Vagabonde said, on 2011/10/15 at 19:54

    Oh la la! you did some pretty warm posting here…

  8. cloudia said, on 2011/10/15 at 21:37

    LOL !

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


  9. Mage Bailey said, on 2011/10/17 at 08:52

    Oh, utterly delightful. Start my day off laughing. Thanks.

  10. Peter Gander said, on 2011/10/17 at 09:57

    Excellent story accompanied by excellent pics!

  11. billcanoe said, on 2011/10/21 at 18:50

    Back in the day on subs when we went out for months at a time, wives got to send “familygrams” — 20 word messages (no replies, radio silence…) — about once every three weeks. They were censored: no obscenity, no innuendo, no smut (and that’s the only thing what we really wanted!)….

    Every sub copied every message, so nothing was private.

    One I remember was: “Can’t wait for you to get home. There’s something I want to get straight between us.”

  12. Andy Hall said, on 2011/10/28 at 09:05

    THAT is funny.

  13. Greetings, Bowsprite! As always, making me laugh. Thank you.

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