george washington bridge

Posted in bridge, short sea shipping by bowsprite on 2011/05/25

In the New York metro region, trucks carry 80% of freight by tonnage. See Urban Omnibus’ article here. Thank you, Varick, Cassim, and Carter!

Percentage of Domestic Surface Freight Shipping Methods by Mode (in 2007):

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  1. Baydog said, on 2011/05/25 at 09:18

    Had New Jersey been colonized yet in that watercolor?

  2. Buck said, on 2011/05/25 at 09:33

    That’s a scary chart for someone living on the Mohawk River.
    The illustration is very powerful.

    Baydog: New Jersey is the Garden State!

  3. tugster said, on 2011/05/25 at 10:03

    this MAKES the point ever so dramatically: two images speak louder than 2 million jargony words. btw, NJ is “garden state in name only” GsINO . . . stay on this roll and wipe out (pre-empt) at least 10 million more jargony words before the end of may, please

  4. Michael said, on 2011/05/25 at 10:38

    I like the story about the GWB that the plan was to cover the towers in stone of some sort for aesthetics, but people liked the look of the raw structure so much that they let it stand in its birthday suit.

  5. Keo Rouse said, on 2011/05/25 at 16:31

    I wonder what the data would show for today. I bet you that most of the domestic waterway traffic is on the Mississippi. Which is in jeopardy from funding cutbacks. Read this article.

  6. […] happens in a week.  Is your household ready, mobilized.  Can you safely take it out onto the highways and […]

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